Rooftop machine guns turn too fast

IRL these are manually turned machine guns they should not whip around like they do


Says the heli rusher at the start of the game, your opinion here is invalid


Hit the gym bro


Because turning a 30-40kg MG on a poast is so hard and there totally is no lock in place to even keep it in its position to avoid the wind turning it around.
the focking 20mm Orlikon was used to track planes on a ship and was manually truned up to the QUADRUPLE mount. Which was weighing in at over 250kg in just guns and amunition.

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This is a fixed position and he ain’t swiveling

Rooftop machine guns aren’t machine powered

Yes it is an illogical bonus for vehicles to be able to swivel a .50cal at the speed at which they currently do

This completely negatives the benefit of coaxial machine guns / cannons and rewards roof top mounts which IRL require an exposed crew member making them very risky to function

Dis you read what i wrote?

A gun 10times as heavy was manually turned to track planes. Turning a 50cal on a mount 180° will never take more than 2s.

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I doesn’t take 2 seconds now, it’s too fast

LOL. Yeah um… no. They really do.

That is a real .50cal pretending to be a DShK on that Ti-67 pretending to be a T-55.


As you see it requires an exposed crew member to fire I’m fine if they wanna add that

WT is a game not a simulation.


Yes and currently roof top machine guns over perform

No they don’t. You point about them being “ghost operated” is valid, but aiming speed is about right for what is possible for them.


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About the only situation where someone would say a roof mounted mg is OP
Edit: should be noted that 9 times out of 10, they are also turning their turret toward you. This effectively doubles the speed of the mg because it combines the mg rotation with the turret rotation.

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Still remember the time those type of clowns that crying about M830A1 until gaijin make it useless now?


Lasering and firing a proxy round requires full rotation of the turret and is governed by turret rotation speed, roof top MGs aren’t affected by either

Roof mounted mgs are affected by turret rotation. If you turn your turret with the mg, it effectively adds the turret rotation to the turning rate. If you turn the turret opposite of the mg rotation, it effectively subtracts the turret rotation from the mg rotation.

Yes yet the MG itself isn’t affected by the crew skill.