Rocky Pillar Weather

Just played the new map Rocky Pilar for the first time and the weather was set to low cloud, this caused it to be impossible to see what’s more than 100m in front of you. Why hasn’t this weather preset been removed from this map?

I don’t much problem there → climb and you’ll see

i swear to god i had like 7 matches yesterday where you either flew 50 meters above the ground to see… or you had to be in like 5 kilometers…

Lol k I just played F-5E at 20 000 ft guess what nobody seen another player for about 12 mins I ended up trying to find them in clouds on deck so I dont know who you fighting at altitude…end result of game was 6 + crashes from players nobody seen the one guy I killed was random fluke never spotted him was just searching cloud with seeker we win on tickets by timing out… For 20 mins of play game was pretty boring