Roadmap Summer Update?

When are we expected to get the 2nd part of the updated roadmap? Feel like it’s being stalled and we havent been given any news on it.

It’s still summer. Patience.

Updates would be nice on whats going on, don’t like radio silence.

1- It’s not radio silence.
2- That’d take resources away from the people preparing for the summer event & next battle pass.

if you looked into the official roadmap thread you would see that there was an update.

in short please first look and then complain, take a few seconds to inform yourself

Yeah i saw that, but September is quite a ways away if tjeyre waiting to release the next major part of the update.

if you actualy look at the roadmap, you will see that they have a whole section included for the next major update, please just be patience and think for a moment, it will come, but just crying doesnt do anything about it

Lmfao… not crying, just asking for little updates on whats going on. If thats hard for you to understand it’s okay.