[RoadMap] Following the Roadmap: Compensation of Battle Expenses, Free Backups and More!

We continue to implement improvements listed in our War Thunder Changes Roadmap. This time, a multitude of various changes awaits you: improvement to premium accounts, free repairs when destroyed by friendly fire, a more detailed rewards log after the battle, free backups for premium vehicles, mission points for helping teammates and improved mechanics of duplicate fire control mode. Let’s break them down!

Improving Premium Accounts

Now all owners of a premium account will receive an “insurance”: when losing SL as a result of the battle, you will be compensated for automatic vehicle repairs and automatic ammo refill after the battle. To receive compensation for repairs and ammo, you need to check the “Automatically repair all vehicles after the battle” and “Automatically purchase spent ammunition after the battle” boxes before the battle. Compensation of your expenses is calculated based on how much you’ve earned during the session excluding penalties for destroying allies (they are not compensated).

For example, if you have earned 10,000 SL during a battle, but also received 3,000 SL in penalties for killing allies, your final earnings amount to 7,000 SL. Assuming you’ve spent 12,000 SL for repairs and ammunition in this session, the compensation will be 2,000 SL instead of 5,000, and in total you will lose 3,000 SL as a result — exactly the same amount as the penalty for killing allies. With no friendly kills you will always break even or earn more SL than you’ve spent.

Compensation of expenses is added to the list of rewards when the battle ends and is displayed on the battle statistics screen and in personal messages that contain battle results.

Free Repairs when you get Destroyed by an Ally

This one’s simple: if your vehicle was destroyed by an ally, you won’t have to pay for its repairs after the battle. And in modes where there are no repairs but pair respawns (such as Air SB), if an ally destroys your vehicle, your next respawn in this session on the same vehicle will be free.

Detailed Rewards Log after a Battle

A rewards table has been added to the personal message window with better battle results. It is similar to the statistics screen displayed after battle, but each line has a pop-up tooltip that lists each separate reward along with a timestamp when this action was undertaken, and also several additional clarifying parameters that will allow you to compare the rewards for various actions and vehicles.

The detailed log is only available in the main game modes: Ground arcade, realistic, simulator battles; Air arcade, realistic, simulator battles; Naval arcade, realistic battles; Helicopter battles.

The ability to copy detailed battle results to the clipboard to share them online or analyze them has also been added.

The detailed log displays all the main actions that a player receives rewards for, except for “Hits”: we may add that in the future after testing and additional polish. After testing, we may also add additional rewards in the session that aren’t related to the immediate actions of a player, such as Orders. All rewards that didn’t get their own lines in the list, are collected under “Other rewards”.

Free Backups for Purchases of Premium Vehicles

When buying premium or pack vehicles, you will now receive a specific number of backups that depends on the vehicle rank and is displayed before purchase.

Mission Points for Helping Teammates

Now players will receive mission points for helping repair or extinguish fires for their allies. The number of points depends on the game mode. In Ground battles for each repair assist the player will receive 40 mission points up to 10 times per session (to counter possible foul play; fair players don’t usually repair allies over 10 times in a single session), and 150 points for each fire put out (no limits). In Naval battles helping out with repairs doesn’t require any sacrifices or even effort from the helper and occurs automatically when remaining near an ally, so less points will be awarded than in Ground battles — 10 per each repair, up to 10 times per session.

Improving the Duplicate Fire Control Mode

When a gunner gets knocked out, there is now a delay before the tank commander gains control over the duplicate fire control system. The commander taking over the controls is marked by a circular indicator around a gunner replacement indicator. If a “duplicate” mode is used in the commander’s sights when the gunner is knocked out, the commander overtakes the fire control system with no delay.

That’s all for today, but we are continuing our work on improving War Thunder. Check out our progress in this infographic:


Please share your opinion on these changes on social media or official forums: we will continue to follow your feedback!


Will detailed reward logs be available for naval EC? I know it’s supposed to be a supporting event mode, but I thought heli EC was like that, too? Please seriously consider giving us detailed reward logs for naval EC. There IS a dedicated playerbase around naval EC, after all.

Also, please consider adding the “damage to naval targets” stat in the detailed rewards log for naval battles, perhaps as part of the info shown in the pop-up tooltips for kills and assists. It’s the most important stat for naval battles, and the one that really determines how much rewards you get from each kill or assist.

It would be nice as well if we could see exactly how much score we earned with each vehicle, in the pop-up tooltip for the “time played” stat.

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This is lovely stuff, good job.

EDIT: Just realized that you don’t have to remember to check stats instantly after the game and now everything is in the history. This is even more sick

EDIT2: Is there a chance you guys also add possibility to see scoreboard in match history?


Good work!

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Just a few questions regarding changes with respect to teammate destruction, as they popped into my head whilst reading and may pop up through others…

  1. Does the SL penalties stack or is it a one time fee per battle regardless of teammates destroyed?

The pe-8 and lancaster with their… generous swath of kill area comes to mind, so curious if the SL stacks per team kill or just one fee per battle.

  1. Follow up to 1, IF a player is kicked due to team kills, is there any additional penalty incurred?

  2. With regards to ‘free repairs’, will a free repair be used up if you are destroyed by a teammate?
    I know that the SL cost was reduced if your vehicle was destroyed by a teammate, but the loss of a free repair that may have been lost legitimately vs a teammate may be an issue.


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How will SimEC players be able to use the free backups for the Premium vehicles? Please activate free repairs for Sim players like all the other modes get. There’s no reason to leave us out.


Keep up the transparency. It’s a good thing.


Will this new update have any effect on the SimEC players?

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You can kind of see that in replays already though.

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Very bot-friendly change, this insurance. And we should see a lot more mutual same-team suicides at the end of games now to see those repair costs go down, as it’s a mercy now to kill another player on your team just before the tickets run out. Otherwise good job.

EDIT: So this was hidden, “by the community”. Whoever is hiding these, please really think if you’re helping the community by hiding factual, friendly criticism of this game, or recent changes to it. There’s nothing in the statement above that breaks any ToS rule, not a single thing. If you don’t like hearing something, maybe consider that’s just you, and it’s not your place to deny speech to other people who pay and play just as much as you.


The Grind itself is what creates bots. Reduce the grind, and there’s less reason for bots to exist.

But also, region lock China and watch how many bots disappear. 😉


I mean, that’s obviously not true, right? Given the least-grindy vehicles are the ones people bot with.
You can never really have too much SL.

Plus now that we’re seeing full-bot squadrons (presumably to make whole rafts of accounts with all squadron vehicles already researched for resale), these changes aren’t going to make any of that go away.

EDIT: And hidden again. Honestly, explain to me why this post was hidden by the “community?” So much of this thread (and others) has been hidden by anonymous people shadowbanning honest constructive criticism by other players, presumably just like them, who honestly care for this game and pay their dues. Why was this post hidden and the post before it wasn’t? Is it just personal? Some people don’t like my profile pic?



Basically a good change, but only one thing bothers me.

With this change, the button to view server replays from the history has disappeared. Frankly speaking, going all the way to the official site to search for my replays is a very tedious and wasteful process.
Would you please consider bringing back the server replay button for those of us who are lazy?




Yea, came here to say specifiaclly this.
The changes are good, but sacking this functionality is not-QoL for sure.

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Thanks for deleting my comment on here, freedom of speech is amazing here.
Thanks Forum Mods.


Take your xenophobia and leave this forum please.
No one will region lock anyone from our game, just because you have some strange mindset towards specific country.
End of topic.


Nice to see things coming along. Still waiting for the improved heli grind though xD,

Will we see the buttom for the server Replay soon again, or does this mean console player cant watch replays anymore on there console?

I mean that might help my fellow players which got killed whilst taking off or getting killed by friendly guns / rockets / AAMs etc. - but you have not mentioned the main issue is more or less that those players getting teamkilled are losing a hell of boosters and even more important: Faith in the ability of gaijin to create an environment where you not have to constantly check your six in Air RB - even without enemies near.

So i think this is just the first step to MWTGA…

I would be great to hear how you want to solve the issue of intentional or unintentional aircraft collisions…current you got blamed as teamkiller if somebody slams from behind into your aircraft and dies due this collision…

Even in case that two guys try to trade in a headon , you see quite often that one of them gets a kill and the other gets marked in the battlelog as “crashed” whilst colliding, so there are more topics to work on.

The bug report page has addressed multiple dozens of such incidents, so it would be great if you can take care of this update in the near future…