[RoadMap] Following the Roadmap: Compensation of Battle Expenses, Free Backups and More!

Despite i welcome any changes which supports teamplay i kindly ask you why i do not see such benefits in Air RB?

Even in case you are a veteran player - as soon as you start a new TT you start from scratch in Air RB - with 30 seconds repair time on your airfield. Seeing af attacks by enemy bombers quite often a “help for repair” reward might save a hell of players from getting bombed whilst waiting in reserve planes for their repair - and it would encourage new players to see teamplay as a benefit…

I mean i created a suggestion for this reward valid for Air RB last year, but it was just viewed in the “draft mode” 10 to 14 times and then not even published - i am sure your tech mods might find it if they are really interested…

I mean really though… How much do you expect programming to compensate for player error or intentions? There’s only so much the devs can do. The rest falls on the player community, and how they choose to interact with each other.

It would take pure wizardry to write code that correctly interprets player intentions.


From a holistic pov your point is comprehensible. But i was not thinking about predicting player intentions, i was talking about damage allocation in case of a collision - so without AAMs doing strange things.

So currently if a prop player is taking off and rams due to whatever reason another plane, damages his prop and slams into the ground leads to 2 results:

  1. The guy who was got rammed usually crashes due to missing rudder or elevator and gets a crew lock of 8 minutes on top of his own repair cost - and if he had an activated booster - the booster is gone. In addition he got flagged as teamkilller, despite having done nothing wrong.
  2. The guy ramming can repeat this in an infinite loop as the ramming somehow does not count his ram as friendly damage (proven by the battle log) and the auto-ban system for teamkilling is tracking his “victim” and not him.

So eliminating teamkilling fees is a step in the right direction for the ramming victim, but it does not cover the overall outcome of collisions. One guy has lost a plane, got a crew lock and has to pay his repair cost, and the other guy gets away.

The only fair solution would be to allocate no damage in case of collisions of friendlies…collisions between enemies have to be seen separately.

Kudos for actually mentioning Air SB this time.

and where can i find information on how this parameter “game time” is calculated?

Now you can find out how much XP and SL I got for which frag, great thing. Still, the most important amount of XP earned in battles is not fully understood.

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Yes, the battle damage calculation is something which needs more detail. Especially when the reward calculation between kills/assists/damage is so confusing for many players.

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how to open replay now?

Don’t get collided.


Things that never happen for $100,000.

“Disappearing rounds” is client & server miscommunication, there’s no fixing that under the current cheat prevention code.
Map rotation is due to people thumbing up those maps, which means you have an issue with the players.


Regarding the battle results screen immediately after battle, why is it not showing nor ever has showed our repair costs? As far as I know, there is nowhere for us to see our actual repair costs per battle. So how do we even know what we’re being charged for repairs actually? Everything else has been detailed on that screen, but not repair costs, which makes no sense. Because that is money being taken from us each battle. Which I would think we have a right to know and see what it is. You show RP earned, number of enemies destroyed, critical hits, etc. And how much we earn in SL. But you don’t show how much is being taken away for repairs. I find that odd. And sketchy. Please explain why it is this way.

Dude… you insulted someone.
Just follow forum rules like the rest of us?

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@Stona_WT I play on Ps4. Where is this toggle option located? Because I don’t see it anywhere. I pressed To Battle!, it didn’t show up so I canceled the battle. I looked in Modifications, it’s not there. I see it nowhere. Could someone please inform us where it’s located? That should have been made clear in this post.

Is it just me or is there a typo or are t6-7 ground vehicles not getting a reduction in rp and sl?

not sure how different PS4 UI is, but

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There’s no way Mozdok is getting thumbs up.
Also majority of players probably don’t even know that is an option.

Your suggestion to not get teamkilled is being ’ just don’t get tked’ is hilarious.

Ah ok, I’ll check next time in game. Appreciate it 👍

I have Mozdok thumbed up, because it’s honestly one of my most favorite maps.
IDK why the playerbase loves Normandy so much tho.

I only got TK’d by being moved by another plane once.
One lesson is all it took for me to never get TK’d like that again, because it’s within our control to takeoff in a manner that can’t get us rammed.

Mozdok might be a good map in other game, but it’s not good in current state of gamemodes due to awful layouts and configurations, but that’s a problem for every map

Why do people always think just because there are other problems certain issues don’t exist? Or don’t deserve too be speaken about let alone fixing them

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There are lots of ways to see this already. They’re not hiding it in any way.

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Specifically the score-based and win-based and end-game kill-count-based SL components could be split out of the “other” column like is being sort of done for RP because those amounts and SL from hits are stuffed in together kinda, so you don’t know how much you’re getting from each.