RNG artillery is just bad

Artillery should be necessary to move away from. The time to call it in can be increased drastically to compensate.

So you’re saying artillery is to powerful?

I’m saying artillery in its present state is RNG.

An area which has orange smoke should be a 80% chance to kill, not 30%.

The current system is too RNG to care about unless you’re a light tank due to overpressure.

You want people to get borderline free guarantee to kill buttons requiring zero skill and constantly gets recharged? Imagine a squad of 4 just placing it around a cap early game, or meme vehicles destroying your barrel and track before placing artillery on you.

Artillery should be nerfed more than anything, it’s deadly enough as it is.

Move out of the orange smoke if you don’t want to die.

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Would you like to share with us your military background? What makes you such an expert on all this? MGs moving too fast, Artillery is just bad. Are your posts just based on what particular drug you have taken that day?

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Artillery is not bad. It’s RNG.

Yeah, 16 people spamming artillery at the start of the game, great time.

Now all you have to do is disable an engine and place artillery on them for a free kill.

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So what? I get a kill maybe every 1in 4 or 5 games or I don’t use it like many don’t and get no kills with it.

This already occurs.

It really isn’t.

Versus the RNG 30% chance to do this already.

Just ignore him. he claims it’s bad and should be removed. However, it is likely the same person who complained when WT did back then a couple of Free For All Matches “Battle Royales” when it did the super accurate artillery drops.

I don’t play War Thunder to play slots.

This already occurs.

Not with 80% kill rate.

I am not advocating for artillery to be removed. I’m asking that it be made purposeful.

Correct hence the necessary increase of call in time.

If you don’t want to die, don’t stay in the orange smoke.

Womp Womp Vam, Womp Womp. Try again on reporting i stated basic facts, you do not like it suck it up butter cup.

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You already play slots with War Thunder because you like every other player have zero idea just how much of it is totally random or throw of dice. Its all numbers, probabilities and guess work. Its a game its not real.

That’s where repairs come in, and we also don’t need the game to turn into some endless cat and mouse game where you constantly need to be moving around to dodge artillery.

If you’re trying to communicate you will need to use English I do not speak other languages.

Then it would seem the issue you’re presenting isn’t an issue.