Rework on the israeli tech tree


At the time there was not even a mention of an Israeli tree coming to the game.
So back then even a Merkava 1 or 2 were something new.
The problem is how Gaijin is dealing with similar/identical vehicles in more than one tree, especially when they are from events.

Yeah, like being able to buy the M-51 without having to have rank IV French, Russian, British, or US tanks. I just want that sweet sweet merkava. Is the 2D worth buying?

It is a solid tank.

Unfortunately it has no lineup at 9.7. Either you take 9.3 tanks to its BR or the closest vehicle is the Chaparral at 10.3 and Merkavas 3 at 11.0.

I hope they’ll fix these BR gaps because the 9.0/10.0 range is a bit of a mess with several nations.

What copy-paste? There hasn’t been a copy-paste addition to Israel in quite some time.
Most of the ground is unique vehicles.
And air still has unique additions.
Helicopters you have 2 unique Apaches, a unique Blackhawk, MD500…

Chaparral wasn’t in the game before its addition to Israel.

literally last major update.

And this coming one:

F-16D isn’t in any other tech tree.
Zerstorer 45 also isn’t in any other tech tree, nor Israeli.

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what part of “almost identical” don’t you understand?

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An opinion. F-16C and D are still separate airframes despite sharing a majority of parts.

My name is Alvis, and I don’t develop video games.

from Gaijin themselves… the ones who made it?

That is the definition of copy paste in the context of this forum.
as long as about 75% or more of the vehicle is identical to another its called copy-paste. i’ve been trying to tell you that before. high time you learned.

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There’s actually a lot of people interested in the Merkava tanks, specially the Merkava Mk.4 variants.

The issue is, most people are particularly interested in Merkava Mk.4 because it is widely known to have incredible armor.

So, when they come ingame and they see that even the cheeks can be penetrated by 3BM42, if they had any interest on grinding Israel for the Merkava mk.4s, you can be sure the interest is vanished by the time they exit the armour viewer xD


Yes, they are almost nothing alike, besides sharing the engine, Horizontal stabilizer, and slightly beefier landing gear.

(^D variant^)


(^C Variant^)

Why else would the Netz and the Barak II have completely separate flight proformances.

i never claimed they were the exact same airframe.
i only ever claimed that they share enough similarities and otherwise identical parts to be called a copy-paste in the context of this forum and game.

in general there are VERY little differences to the in game variants.




The ability to be a Multirole vs Fighter/Multirole? Or literally every other difference of the aircraft, from the ordinance, to the flight proformance, and the capabilities.

i don’t know what you mean by this. both are jet fighters in game.

Both have same main gun. both have 9m as top IR-missile. both have 7m as radar missile. both can carry a verity of unguided bombs. both have same drop tank and targeting pod.
main difference in ordinance is that Barak II has more choices for laser guided bombs whereas the F-16C has IR guided and unguided missiles instead.

they are different yes, but not really that much:
Barak II:
Screenshot 2024-03-09 233235
Screenshot 2024-03-09 233254

at least not enough to, in any way, call them:

what do you mean by this?

Even the devs themselves said:

That’s why I’m here.
WoT got me hyped for Fr*nch tanks in general, and in WT I’m looking for a mix of high mobility low protection, and low mobility high protection.

Who would win?

Israel’s best composite armour technology
One Soviet pointy stick from the 80s

… man, this makes me sadder than the Ariete situation.


Some Gaijin mod also basically promised a while ago that the Merkavas would all have their armor fixed, at least per the open bug reports since 2022. They lied about it coming to the previous update. They lied about it coming to the one before it. Are they also lying about it coming in this update?

Many features and changes for the Alpha Strike update are actually not documented in any changelog and the short duration of the devserver somewhat limited the analysis of what was going on there.
I guess we’ll find out when the update drops.

Although, with the recent change in the rate of fire, I fear they are not going to do anything about the armour (just like they did with the Abrams).


The armour fix was nerfing LIC’s turret, only piece of functional armor for a brief period of time, to B/M’s level, of course!