Barak II: Lightning Over The Desert

In the “Sons of Attila” major update, an Israeli modification of the F-16D two-seater fighter jet, lock and loaded to use modern high-precision weapons, will come to the top of the Israeli aircraft research tree as a flagship jet!

Barak II, jet fighter, Israel, rank VIII


  • Excellent performance characteristics.
  • Modern avionics.
  • Expanded arsenal of guided weapons.


In 1988, Israel entered into an agreement to obtain advanced F-16 fighter jets in single and double seat configurations. These aircraft are currently in service with the Israeli Air Force today. During their service, these aircraft underwent several programs to modernize their avionics and sighting systems. The two-seat F-16 Block 40s, received their own name Barak II (which is Hebrew for “lightning”).

The two-seat F-16D Block 40, named by Israel as the Barak II, is a flagship jet that will be the most advanced aircraft in the Israeli aircraft research tree when the upcoming “Sons of Atilla” major update is released! Today, we’re going to talk about the features of this aircraft and some of its differences between similar US variants. Let’s dive into the details!

Unlike the F-16C, Israel will receive the two-seat version, which is one of the best modern jet fighters. The Barak II’s engine has a slightly higher afterburner thrust than the US single-seat version, but due to its higher take off weight, it loses some thrust-to-weight ratio. Nevertheless, the Barak II is almost identical to the F-16C in terms of top speed and climb rate, and combining this with its excellent acceleration and great maneuverability means that it will be a formidable force to play with and against in all game modes!

Download Wallpaper:

The Barak II’s radar is the same series of radar as the F-16C’s, as well as its RWR, which is identical to its American counterpart — both of these devices will ensure that you have the most up-to-date tracking information about threats in your matches. Oh, and not to forget, last week we published a detailed dev blog about updated RWRs, to be sure to have a look if you missed it.

Let’s move onto the Barak II’s weapon capability! Unlike the US version, the Barak II will receive the AIM-9P air-to-air missile with a rear-aspect IR seeker. In addition to this, a more advanced AIM-9L and AIM-9M and the heavier AIM-7M Sparrow also present. You’ll also have brilliant electronics at your disposal, including a helmet-mounted target designation system. Moving onto what can be fired at ground vehicles. The Barak II receives the GBU-15(V)2/B guided bomb that has a thermal imaging seeker, and with the help of the LITENING II targeting pod, Paveway II bombs — the GBU-12 (8 in total!), the GBU-16 and GBU-10 — can also be carried!

As for unguided weaponry, these are similar to the payload on the F-16C variant — regular bombs, incendiary as well as high-drag tail fin bombs with a large total weight. All of these weapons, as well as the 20 mm cannon, are very conveniently controlled by a ballistic computer. When flying the Barak II, you’ll certainly encounter some air-to-air missiles tracking and following you, and therefore this aircraft can also carry 200 countermeasures — more than the F-16C, which only carries 120.

The Barak II will appear at the top of the Israeli aircraft research tree with the release of the upcoming “Sons of Atilla” major update. We’re currently finalizing and preparing for this update, but until then happy flying and see you soon!

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Hello, yes very nice, but where GBU-15 for other planes that carried it?

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The GBU-15(V)2/B is equipt with the (AGM-65D’s) IIR seeker, is this the variant that it’s getting or is this a mistake? The -(V)1/B is equipt with the regular Electro Optical seeker.

Considering we don’t yet have the AN/AXQ-14 / AN/ZSW-1 datalink pod or post-release control mechanics it’s a bit of a moot point.

Also which airframes are missing the GBU-15 / AGM-112 PWW anyway?

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since the barak II gets aim9m it never used, can the japanese f16 get aim9m as well since the f2 isn’t coming for now?

i mean. this is nice and all… but you can’t add this many new planes to nations that already have 12.0 planes without adding the JAS39 Gripen and something for Brittain
Sweden and Brittain are currently the only two nations without a 12.0 jet.
So you are giving a 2’nd (or even a 4’th with the USA’s new addition) 12.0 jet to other nations without evening the playing field for the others…

The amount of top tier stuff for USA is insane. I mean 2x F-14 and 3x F-16 while other nations don’t even have a 4th gen to begin with. This is absurd.
I enjoy them myself, but it would be nice for other nations to have some as well.

Wait!!! Waaahhhhttttt??? XD Is this a mistake? lol


F-15E Strike Eagle 90’s (USAF), F-111F (USAF) and F-15C/D (Israel) access GBU-15(V)2/B too

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the american F16C feels gutted (like most US multirole jet) again, it lacks ordanance options like the GBU-12 on the inner pylons, and the TV guided bombs. Also missing 6x500lbs on inner pylons(must be a bug, because it has access to 6x500lbs snakeeyes) Is this on purpose? Or just it’s just unfinished on the Dev? Also HMD needs a rework, finally i can play without the overlay HUD, but the HMD still works only when the overlay HUD is turned on. Also it’s missing the mode where the radar is cued with HMD, so i cant lock up ppl with ACM+HMD.

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Sort of, the gunpod in question(The 30mm GPU-5/A) is cleared for use on the F-16, pending modification of the centerline station. It was tested by the US, fitted to Block -10 & -15 (basic) airframes.

So it appearing on non -15ADF(itself an anachronism, though with its presence we’re not likely to see a Base -15 any time soon, though the Italian -15ADF’s are older US stocks so would technically be covered, though they never purchased any of the pods themselves) and the US Block -10 F-16’s are ahistorical.

I meant it just in general, like all of the GBU-15 variants. Those were carried by F-4s, A-4s, A-7s and even A-10s afaik

So when do German mains get better Air? Like a Eurofighter Typhoon? or better Leo 2?

well, in the dev server, this is not appear in modification or Secondary weapon. also in this picture, it usually have the weapon that it useable but none here

that’s why I thing they will add it in the live server? but none that they quote in this topic.

also this is block 40 not block 10

It could be being added this update to the Netz (potentially all F-16A derivatives) in place of the later F-16C/D’s.

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Since It is irl considered a strike aircraft please “Benevolent kind Snail.” Designate the aircraft as a strike aircraft so it can use less spawn points in ground RB.

Alos “Popeye Lite” similar to a pgm 2000 with IR seeker and INS would be nice!

Upgrading the lightning II to III with HD sensor like Damocles would be nice!

I might expect SPICE 2000 Q4 this year

And in the future gaijin consider F-16I Sufa with 3rd gen targeting pod Rafael Litening III SPICE 2000/SPICE 1000, SPICE 250/SPICE 250 ER, Popeye II, Delilah and AGM-142F Popeye

Are you sure about that ? cause it aint like that ingame rn

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