Rework on the israeli tech tree


Update after update, they don’t bring tanks to
Israel, just copy and paste. At least there is some very good graphic work that makes them look different, it’s better than a normal copy paste. The tree needs more vehicles. Even if the tree got a good chopper, it does not help to fill in what is really missing.

How about a lot more SPAAs, light tanks and also consider adding heavy tanks, what about CAS planes for starters.

It’s annoying to die to light tanks on a map that no one sees anything, these tanks are all big profile slow and have little armor. Perhaps considering adding armor to some of the existing tanks is also a good solution.

The טירן 6 is a very nice tank and I’m very glad that I heard people say it would come. But no one is going to play it and it is mostly an obstacle to the shot kal gimel


Sadly the reason gaijin ain’t improving the Israeli tech tree is because it ain’t making money. Unless there a big protest or israel tree suddenly attract a ton of people i doubt gaijin would give israel more unique vehicles.

The problem is that not many people really care about Israel. Half because of political background and another part is people who don’t like the tree and rightfully so. It’s sad that Germany brings more players than Israel in my opinion. But I don’t want to get into politics… (and i play germany as a jew)

Eh maybe the political background is more correct although i know a lot of war thunder players who hate insert nation in real life but plays it on war thunder but i notice the hatred for israel is like much more than any other nation so yeah. I think the main problem is gaijin not giving enough original vehicles that why people look at the tree and are like meh. Even the merkava at least from what i heard aren’t as good so yeah there that :(

well Yeah… like I said the copy paste is a problem. It is good that it is under a different name with a slightly different look and I personally have no problem with them as long as they look historically correct. And as for the Merkavas, it is together with all the western tanks except the Leopard have to get its armor right, but that’s another problem

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Also having the Merkavas made out of paper don’t help


Yes, at the end of the sentence I said that to RSS_Defender

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It would be nice if they added the Merkavas to the Israeli tech tree, which are an event in the American tech tree.


Sorry i didn’t noticed
Btw, i was hyped for the israeli tech tree and i wanted to grind It After the italian One but i don’t think i can endure another tech tree of tanks with no armor

They were quick enough to add a bunch of premiums, if they don’t plan to finish the line they should refund players who purchased premiums to grind the line


I started playing Italy more or less when it had got added to the game.

In the starting years it was a very underwhelming tree. It had its points of interest and many other parts were totally lacking. They started adding more interesting things around its third year if I recall correctly.

In my opinion the same thing might happen to Israel. Right now they are adding the easiest and most common things for Israel: MBTs.
There will be a time (and it’s soon) when such model will no longer be sustainable and they will actually have to add different types of vehicles.
I’ll keep an eye out for later this year or 2025.

By the way, I have been playing Israel since mid 2023 and I have been asking for a new light tank for months, so I totally hear you.

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I don’t like Israel or China in war Thunder, nunde and half of it is copy paste, I still haven’t played from these countries and I’m proud of myself :)

It’s not that at all its just has no variation and depth as a tech tree. A 6BR starting vehicle with zero crew skills, starting CAS totally unrelated at 3.3 and 4.7 SPAA I mean WTF as the young folk say?

The moment you add another vehicle the M51 is rolling out at 6.7.

Then its a jump to 7.7 and slow old tanks none of which seem ed to be classed as heavy for Battle Pass even though they were MBTs in other country’s armies.

Its a shambles in game terms nothing to do with politics.

Just so unpleasant to even start with this Nation. The game actually needs more premium CAS at lower levels.An Actual line up at 6BR would be nice…

Just another half arsed Gajinism.


Yeah would love more LT’s, IFV’s and so on in the Israeli tree. But it will become more diverse eventually. It takes years to flesh out a new tree that has a limited amount of indeginous vehicles, and Israel still is the newest we have.

Look at China for example, back in the day it was not very popular too due to extensive copy/paste. But it’s starting to become a really nice and diverse tree. Same will happen with Israel and any new trees that will be added I’m sure.

It’s also not true that most tanks are lazy copy paste tanks in the tree. Most tanks really have a distinct look. Look at the later Magachs, Machbet and Rochev for example.

The reason I’ve not bothered with Israel is the nonsense of starting at that BR with zero crew skills. The same will be true of any half tech tree that Gaijin introduce.

I guess they’re rather stuck as it would have been too difficult to add the Israeli vehicles into an existing TT.


I’m sorry but that’s just objectively wrong.

fr, It piss me of that they are there

There is no indication that Israeli Ground TT will become more diverse. Update “Winds of Change” came out in March 2022. It’s now exactly 2 years later and only 1 vehicle was added to Israel (Magach Hydra) in all that time, so we should expect it to somehow grow?

It can be argued that since introduction the Israeli TT has become worse - bloated with C&P vehicles, the crews are clearly not up for the task, and the most underperforming vehicles were significantly up-tiered (e.g. Mark 2D from 9.0 to 9.7, Mark 3 from 10.0 to 11.0), the meta has changed several times with Israel not participating in it, and Israel is simply absent from introduction of new features. Examples are Ra’am Sagol (APS is absent), Mark 3B+ (OTT absent), Mark 4+ (ERA absent), etc.


It’s a nice tree, I don’t want to exaggerate too much. You can still try it and enjoy it, but equally be disappointed.
If they invest in it, it will be harder to grind in the future. I suggest you try it anyway

Trust me Bro, The world would be more beautiful if it worked like this