Rewind multipath of fox1 missles between 11.0-12.0

multipath of fox1 missles like aim7f and aim54 should rewind to the last version for planes like phantoms can carry at most 6 of good fox1 missles while planes like mirage f1c and mig23ml can not be able to fight against them

it does suck playing against phoenixes in a brick but the reduced multipath has given more space to fly and not just deck hugging meta.

You just have to avoid F14’s at all cost at the beginning but phantoms you can easily chaff their missiles.

The battle raring of both F-14s need to be raised by one notch. They are currently overpowered after the nerf to multipathing. Even if you stay under 60m, the AIM-54 missile of F-14 will frequently destroy you with the massive 60 kg TNT equivalent warhead.

I agree if I am in a 1v1 situation, but it’s disgusting when I am against the whole team with phantoms and tomcats combined when I am only with 2 short range ir missles

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ive been trying to stock grinding the tornado for GRB and side climbing to a base mostly ends in facing 70% of the enemy team. 11.3 is pretty horrible rn.


I can agree with you on this to a limited extent.
The current low multipath altitude in the highest ranks relies on monopulse seekers.
Such seekers have been employed since the AIM7M in the US, S530D in France, R23R in the USSR, and Skyflash in the UK.
Therefore, increasing the multipath of missiles older than these is a reality-based adjustment that I agree with.

As a side benefit, it would also solve the problem if the BRs below BR11 could be kept in a high multipath state to accommodate the demands of those who want the old environment.

If such an adjustment were achieved, it would be possible to eliminate the current halfway balanced multipath and reduce the multipath to about 30 meters, with the highest BRs providing the true performance of a monopulse seeker.

In addition, if such an adjustment is made, the Phantom FGR2 and Tornado F3, which are equipped with missiles that have a monopulse seeker with a relatively low BR and a high performance radar, will need to have their BR adjusted to some extent.

Just raise F14 BR

Or it shouldn’t so people can learn how to properly evade radar missiles in preparation for top tier. The security blanket needs to stay away…

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Also you cant stick 6 aim7 on an f4-e if the pylons was never ment to carry them