Rewards for Simulator battles

Did they reduce the earnings in simulator battles? I played a game for an hour today, got 28 kills and only 31k research points, with a 40% booster. Thats pathetic. I love playing simulator because i hate grinding in air rb with how cancerous it is, but i just dont want to grind when i put in all that work for so little reward. Can we please get better rewards in Sim?


Unfortunately, instead of fixing the bot problem by punishing the bots, Gaijin chose to punish the legitimate players instead…

So now we get gimped rewards in EC.


I thought the RB rewards higher for objectives and ground activity than for PvP (I could be wrong, the whole system is a mystery I refuse to investigate).

You can still do decent in SimEC, the rewards just aren’t what they used to be.

Technically RB will probably give better rewards. But I waste much less time playing one extended session of EC, than I do having to queue a bunch of times for RB. Also, having to re-queue after bad RB sessions wears on me mentally.

The EC format is just more productive for me.

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They really ought to do something about that. It makes me not want to play the game. They were on a roll with the economy changes, and id like to see this get fixed. Maybe itll encourage players to play a different mode (such a sim) every once in a while.

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So we’re going back to pre-review-bombing times?

It’s not at those levels. Things have improved since then. I can still scrape out good games, just not like the glory days.

I think we crossed acronyms - I meant RP rewards are higher for completing objectives in EC.

The problem with this stupid useful actions system is, that it does not reward success.
It does not matter if you capture 1 or 3 Sectors, or shoot down 1 or 10 enemy planes.
Do ONE “useful” thing and then wait until the rewards are calculated.
This is boring a.f.

The idea is not that bad, especially for new players, as it grants a basic income.

But everything above the minimum effort should be rewarded properly.

ye,me and my friends really loved grinding in simulator battles especially if there was an event but when they nerfed the rewards it became kinda of useless it’s more effecient for me to play Sim battles to be honest but still if i can get 2 good games in ARB i would do as a good as a session in Sim

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But problem is that you would earn more as new player then with this system. 15 min without doing anything still grants you nothing. Eg enemy dying after you die is stuff new players often do and if im not wrong it grants you nothing.
Its system made to limit your progress.

“Its system made to limit your progress.”

But i think dying doesn´t negate your useful action anymore. Maybe Im wrong, but the last weeks I always got my useful bullsh*t reward.

The system is just so demotivating. I had some heroic 30 minutes last month with 10+ kills, 2 captures, saved some allies butts, etc. etc. Felt really good. But then the match ended and I got the same SL and RP if I would have thrown some bombs at 2 bases…

I will just stay in rank V and VI and play for the fun.
Everything else makes you unhappy in WT…

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You get a 10% or something like that bonus for landing. I assume that’s given to you if you end the game while airborne but have never bothered to try to check into it.

I hate the useful actions system though - it’s confusing and clearly limiting (by design).

But I agree the mid tier is the most fun way to play. The high tiers are too video gamey and the low tiers take too long to get anywhere.

I know but, when you die and if guy you shot dies in period between death and spawn you get nothing.

You get it at end of match, you also get soft landing medal.

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