Rewards for shooting down bombs and missiles

as the title suggests, it would be nice to receive a reward for shooting down an enemy missile or bomb. since this does take effort, requires an SPAAs (often limited) ammo supply, and usually saves a teammate.
ive noticed that at top tier most of my ammunition is essentially wasted shooting these things down which is a shame, especially considering some SPAAs were built with that purpose in mind.
making it so that doing this is rewarded should also promote some team play since more SPAA players would actually shoot down said missiles and bombs.
another reason for this is that especially now, aircraft will more often than not just fire a tv guided missile, get behind cover, often forcing you to waste a missile (that you usually cant even reload because youll need to drive the thing to a cap) which is incredibly annoying since this can easily run you dry and youll get nothing in return for your efforts.
hope more people will have ideas for this