Reverse credit for kills when crashing AIR RB

Before I rant, I know head-ons in top tier are stupid. However in multiple matches today I have went head on. Crit my opponent without me being touched by his guns, but we merge so quickly that we collide. The problem is that I am getting critical hits with guns before we crash, yet the enemy gets the crash counted as a kill and I do not. Even though the battle log clearly shows I am getting the hits before the crash.

Images 1&2 is the battle feed showing that I damaged him, we crash and he gets credit for a kill and then just crashes without any assistance from me apparently even though I crit him. I tested this one more time (image 3) before posting, and I damaged, then set on fire a enemy player and when we crashed he got credit for the kill and I did not. Kill feed just says he crashed (not because I shot him and he was on fire…). The battle logs dont even show they are damaging me before the crash so I dont understand whats happening.

If this was a one time glitch I really wouldnt bother with a post, but it has happened multiple times today and after checking the forums im not the only one. Im sure it happens all the time, just most people dont pay attention. Any ideas as to why this keeps happening or what I am missing? Did Gaijin just really want -eye for an eye- to be really hard to get?


Feels like a reportable bug to be real…

The fact you set them on fire then they crash, makes it clear your damage isn’t being counted as it should.

I think the same. But this problem was reported multiple times, and every ticket was closed as “not a bug” as far as I know.

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Could need more evidence, or like staff posted last year, could be ‘being addressed/worked on’.

They do need more informative and communicative issue/ticket responses though.

  1. Gaijin does not care about this


  1. The battlog within the game (like your screenshot) show different results than within the server replay. I bet 5$ that the replay from the replay site has credited you with the kill, just check your replays.
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Ive had a few situations where Ive crit an enemy plane, and they have crashed only to it count as a crash and not given me the kill. Even with me having clipped one of their wingtips off and sent them into a flatspin or set them on fire

Its definitely a bug.

There is a title called rammer, i got it after 50 games of chicken

Maybe, but there is no need because they can reproduce it.

In Props you dive on an enemy cripple him completely but still alive. If you can’t avoid the corpse and crash into him three things can happen. Most of the time both get a crash or the enemy get a kill and a crash without damaging you at all. Very rare the correct rewards are given.

Checked the replay on the third screenshot directly loaded from Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On and I dont see anything logged differently.

This happens frequently to me. Enough that I notice anyway. I just dont want to spend hours reporting bugs that will most likely be ignored when I could be playing. My only thought is that maybe there are issues when death and proximity are really close together.

You crashed into each other, not ground, no kill awarded that way, it is like this and this shouldn’t change. You can see in the battle log clearly, you crit him, he killed you, and then he crashed into you. Why should you get a kill.

I don’t see why you or anyone should get a kill like this, a “Retard Award -4000 RP” seems more appropriate for both involved

The Mirage never even shot me. I shot him, he exploded before I even crashed into him and I didnt get the kill. The F4 who put a bullet in my tail 2 minutes before I crashed and before I got 2 more kills got credit for the kill… Did he really kill me? By your logic why should he get a kill. I wasnt even critically damaged.

He totally shot you

Like I said, you traded and you both died. You crit him, he killed you, then crashed into your dead plane. It doesn’t matter if his killing shot is delivered 0.001 second before he crashed into you. If he wouldn’t have killed you there and missed or just hit/crit you, it would be both “Crashed” and nobody gets anything

Crashed into the ground? Yes he should get a kill for that. The flipside of not awarding a kill for that is you shooting someone, getting a hit/crit or multiple, he maneuvers into the ground by accident or on purpose, and you get nothing. Ultimate trolling commences by people to deny kills after getting crit by just nosediving into the ground and crash by impact or overspeed. Such a great idea.

Also he crit you, big difference between a hit and crit when it comes to game mechanics

For me it works usually the other way; i crit somebody and the enemy crashes later without being touched by anybody else - and i got zero rewards for the kill as my enemy “crashed”.

When i watch the replays of such matches, the battlelog of the replay says the “crashed” plane was shot down by me. This happens for ages this way. A post with 2 examples within 2 days:

As you might know: Replays can be seen just 10-14 days - then you can’t watch them anymore, but in any case your “ramming” issue sound familiar. I replied here to a fellow player who rammed on purpose an enemy - and got nothing: