Revamping Naval Aviation in 9.0-Top Tier Air RB

Part 1: With the Advent of Naval Aircraft such as the Phantom, Tomcat, Harriers, Yak-38 and Yak-141 and the soon-to-come (well eventually) Su-33, Mig-29K, J-11b/bs, J-15 and F-18. Taking off from the runway is getting old and boring, now I know that in Sim and training, you can take off from carriers but why model new carriers if you are not going to add them to arguably the most played game mode? Now my solution would be to add the New carriers (both US & USSR Variants) to maps such as Sinai, Spain, Golan Heights, City, and Eastern City as well as other maps that have water and are big enough for high-tier jets (both current and future). The implementation wouldn’t be game-breaking either as you could delay the spawn and/or move the carrier back further than the runway so that both Airforce and Navy aircraft reach their top speed on the map at the same time or even handicap naval spawns by adding a bigger delay/limiting takeoffs, adding Naval objectives or even just adding the carriers stand-alone with an entourage would be beneficial for the current way air Rb is played as well; as it forces players to spread out a little changing the battle dynamics rather then everyone going left side of the map and merging. Also, side note multirole/strike Naval aircraft or any aircraft that could carry Anti-ship Missiles such as the Marineflieger would have a useful application with Naval objectives in Air Rb

Brief intermission: Hi random Gajin employee who stumbles upon this post, I have to say that I have enjoyed Warthunder threw all the eras of vehicles you’ve added, I’ve been with the game since I was a kid playing Birds of Steel and the games you’ve made have moulded my career choice as I now am studying in aviation-related fields. The game itself has had its ups and downs but you guys don’t receive credit where credit is due enough

Part 2: New Naval-focused map Idea, my idea here is to have a full air rb naval map, this map would consist of carrier spawns and modern A.I. ships being operation objectives, this map in air rb would be controversial as only naval aircraft could spawn but if Gajin were to do a massive Naval Aviation update where the 4th gen planes mentioned above where to be added in a colossal update, this idea might not be out of the realm of reality. Though knowing Gajin a more realistic implementation of this map would include a runway for Airforce aircraft; to the likes of Midway, Malta, New Guinea, Peleliu, Denmark or Norway. Though I think my idea would be cool in air rb If Gajin were to implement a Naval Aviation map only they would have to allow players to ban it even if they’re free to play as the community would be in uproar as per usual.

Conclusion: Gajin pls add Ace Combat skins as ingame buyable pls pls pls pls