Restore friendly markers for fighters in ground arcade

Gaijin should enable team markers back for fighter spawns in Ground AB. Right now trying to attack ground targets in fighters is even worse than in Ground SB. You can’t even distinguish teammates from enemies most of the time because all nations are on all teams. If Gaijin wants fighters to stop attacking ground vehicles, they should do something else, because I’ve already been strafed by friendly fighters after the update and will probably continue to be. It doesn’t help that Arcade players usually are newer than RB players and that contributes to teamkilling.
A system similar to that of ground RB would be much better than removing markers completely.


On top of that, the markers have also been removed for ‘attackers’ that are just fighters with rockets strapped to them, like the FW-190s. If you’re going to make this distinction, you need to have exceptions for ‘fighters’ that have been slapped into the attacker rotation for air events.


Ok, I get the point about fighter planes supposed to be escorting bombers.

But let’s not forget other planes also strafed troops and light infantry - so, can’t we have escorting fighters + strafing planes?

Now, I just had a plane with a bomb + rockets, yet no team identification … so I just flew around and did not drop or fire these weapons as I didn’t want to potentially kill my own team members.

But, if there is no incentive for players to take time out as escorting fighters, then I for one would be somewhat reluctant to risk my exposed ‘sitting duck tank’ to the enemy whilst I am swanning around in the air not doing much.

Unless, of course, there is an incentive such as points for ‘escorting success’ i.e. where the bomber releases the bombs and makes at least one ‘hit’, and more points per each tank killed.

Also, I already see fewer planes, so I will be less likely to use SPAA as it is just too boring doing nothing for a long part of the game.

If we want to stop Kamikazes, I suggest bringing a penalty system in … but at least for Gaijin to ID my own team as a minimum. Failing that, please provide us with, say 3 mins in the air, so we can try to guess who is who.

Personally, I think that the change is awesome. Before most fighters totally ignored protecting bombers, just so the could go strafe enemy tanks.


This is one of the best changes in War Thunder in a long time.

I can finally play open top vehicles again.

The markers made fighters way too powerful against ground vehicles.

Fighters in ABGF are meant as a bomber support or defense vehicle,
This change allows them to fulfill that roll with less collateral damage.


I agree. I think that this was an over correction which places fighters at a significant disadvantage.

I totally disagree with your analysis. The fighters only have an escort role for the bombers, no more no less. You help your CAS or bombers colleagues who are destroyed in 30 seconds by the enemy aviation ?

How many times as a medium tank did I lose crew members because of a 90° attack in full kamikaze mode ?

Not to mention that the fighters were only harassing and destroying the SPAAG, without having the opportunity to react and destroy the air threat.

No, this change improve the life of many tankers


Congratulations! Great attitude, it was impossible to play with a light tank, as it was a guaranteed kill, there is no way to hide, light tanks are spotted on the map and it was unfair, as they have no defense mechanism against planes that pierce their armor.
It was difficult to play as a light tank, now I have peace again.


Just have an AB category without planes …I’m sick and tired of being Suicide strafers and bombs held until the last second before released . then they get a kill get back in their tanks with nothing lost except for me down another vehicle .I’m really sick of complaining about it for 3 years …It’s sanctioned cheating is what it is …nothing less…

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i’m still getting suicide strafed in my open SPG’s so I have no idea what your talking

In what way?

You only “pay” 1 spawn point for a fighter - for that htey completely deserve to NOT have the same capabilities as bombers or attackers.

It is an awesome change - for a change!! :)


Yes - players in fighter a/c can still actually see vehicles on the ground, plus follow AA tracers.

Recent changes only slowed down the newcomers and honest players. The hard core cronic flyboys in mid teir Arcade can still spot a soft target across the map at spawn. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t fired a shot with a SPAA, use hard cover or hide in city maps with buildings blocking their view they still are on a soft kill like a laser pointer. They know exactly where the victim to be is just like they did with markers.

Some are so good at it you just have wonder why…

Evidence/replay or it isn’t true.

I can tell you exactly what software is being used and where to get it.

Fool if you don’t believe it’s in arcade, why they are death on any mention in here. Both my posts will be blocked shortly and 50/50 this thread gets locked over it

Proof enough.

Not any evidence at all - it’s just “trust me bro”

I play AB ground, with open topped AA and others, and haven’t’ seen anything like it.

You can PM me if you want, and you should report every such case via the game system.

But even if it is true it still isn’t an argument for restoring the markers - it’s an argument for keeping on top of cheaters.

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Although I thought it might improve the CAS situation, it really doesn’t. Some attackers are basically fighters with rockets, they can still kill tanks with their rockets at the last second, they can still strafe open top or light armored at the last second, with basically no costs like before. I haven’t tried open top or light armored tanks but I’ve played SPAAs several times since these changes and I think the situation is a bit better against fighters, and against attackers if you hide yourself and only shoot at them when they are close, when they see you it’s basically the same as before, they will kill you if you don’t go into cover.

I don’t think it makes any sense that you cannot see your own marker when in a fighter, I think you should also see friendly markers when in a fighter, and I think all red markers should be removed for all enemy planes or at least remove the type of tank. When I got an attacker with rockets, I just look for weaker targets that will most certainly give me a free kill even if I miss them, just as before.

This is a ground mode, planes don’t need any advantages. I don’t need them and I still get my kills on them, if I had only friendly markers I would still kill enemy tanks with bombs or rockets, you only need to tell which are friends and which are enemies, in this case no marker means enemy and that is all the information you need in CAS. As far as I remember not even in RB you cannot see your team’s markers, so it makes no sense that you cannot see them in AB.

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Yup, just happened to me. Picked an attacker and ended with a Fw190 with rockets and no markers. These changes are not even consistent, some attackers can see the markers and at least one of them doesn’t. Typical Gaijin fixes.


The really blatant ones I do report, problem is the smarter types that work the system well enough to not be overly obvious.

And I’ll argue long and hard to keep the markers gone in AB.

They are not gone for bombers or attackers that are the planes that get more kills, they are only gone for fighters but it doesn’t stop them from getting ground kills. At the same time, you go in a interceptor to protect your team and end with your tank destroyed simply cause Gaijin will spawn enemy bomber on your spawn side, that bomber can see your marker(the one that is not moving) and drop it’s bombs on you while you have no clue that you’ve just been bombed, only to find when you return to your tank that you are already dead.

I can’t understand why not simply remove enemy markers to planes and keep the friendly ones and especially yours, would be a much better solution than this.

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