Responding to the Severe Damage feedback & release time

And they do this in the middle of an Air event, instead of just waiting for it to finish and only change it between events. And it’s not even the first time that they do something like this. Pure lack of consideration for the players.

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I think this is part of why they stealth-introduced the crit reduction changes early, before the event. They said at the time you’d see no award reduction from this, but that only makes sense if you assume they meant SL/RP rewards (which is probably true overall). Instead of a big 20% reduction in score suddenly today, that way it’s more like a couple 10% reductions in a row, that a grinding player might not even notice.


Btw keeping damaged planes red is an invitation to kill steal. Who ever finishes should just get an assist

I am sorry but your new system solves or fixes nothing at all! Ever since you started the test in the event tab, the damage in Air Battles has been so inconsistent, and still is after you implemented it to the game as a whole.
Previously hits that clip the wing tips, ailerons, rudders and/or horizontal tail surfaces and rip them off used to give a critical hit - now they do nothing of the sort, all we get is a hit message.
Setting fires to planes used to give critical hits - not they give you just a Hit and a message that you set the player on fire. People still see a burning plane and as usual go for it right away, taking all the credit for that kill, leaving the one that set it on fire with just an Assist, just like before. No +1, no fix , no nothing.
The system was supposed to fix all that but now it seems you can barely get the game to recognize a critical hit, and in order to get the new system to work, you have to snap off half a wing, get lucky and black out the wires that control pitch/yaw/roll or destroy an engine and pray to RNGesus that it detects it as a severe hit and not just a normal hit.
How is it that every time you try to correct a long standing issue with the game, like kill stealing in this case, you guys somehow make it worse or just give a new coat of paint?


How about crit problem in air battles? You can kill 5 planes, 3 of them get fire but you get one crit…

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Who said that? A popular content creator? This system was never designed to solve kill stealing. Just read this topic from the beginning, everything should be pretty well explained here.

You can also read the old topic, where there were many more interesting comments about this new system:

Assists would give you more score though (60% of the kill value as opposed to 40).

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That is an issue, ie how much damage did each involved do

This is correct. Even going back to the original roadmap article, Gaijin has never said it was a solution to kill stealing. They always said it was a solution to the ‘how did that dead person manage to kill me’ problem. On kill stealing it was only ever supposed to be net neutral.

At the risk of getting into a lengthy back and forth, something I don’t really have the time for, the topic you pointed to clearly states this it is all being done in line with the first Roadmap. The same Roadmap created due to player protests, one of which was exactly about inconsistent kill crediting, which is just a fancy way of them saying kill stealing. Let’s not pretend there is some other reason for people to not be happy with the way kills and assists are awarded.

And on that note about “a popular content creator” saying it - yes, not a single creator, all of them said it.

From the roadmap article: “[we] would like to leave you the opportunity to attempt to control a “severely” damaged aircraft until it’s either completely destroyed or returns to the airfield to repair.” That’s the justification. Nothing about inconsistent rewards.

That’s the problem they were trying to solve here, without somehow making kill stealing somehow worse as a result.

Well, it’s very hard to compare rewards in 2 different battles of course, but I’m pretty sure there is a slight rewards reduction.

Let’s try to compare a battle from yesterday:


And a battle from today:


These battles are very similar to each other. They are obviously not the same, but I think they are close enough (as close as I can get).

Of course there is no sense to compare “Achievements”, so don’t take this into consideration (this is actually SL from Awards, and they will be very different in every battle you play. That’s why I was surprised when the devs reduced number of awards in battles some time ago, most players were like: “it’s fine, we don’t care about awards anyway!”, completely ignoring that awards equal SL).

The interesting part that the SL from Air Targets Destroyed in the old system is not equal to Air Targets Destroyed + Severe Damage in the new system (there was just 1 plane that my teammate finished). Because of this, I lost some SL (more than expected). Everything else in SL calculations looks the same in both systems.

But because my score was reduced in the new system, my activity decreased, which slightly affected the RP calculation. I also had 1 less assist, and my time played is 8 seconds shorter, so at least the RP doesn’t look like a huge difference between both systems.

BTW: If someone wants to make this kind of comparisons, it’s the easiest to use the same vehicle, because rewards you see here are multiplied by vehicle RP/SL multipliers. So there is absolutely no sense to compare results of different vehicles, without taking this into consideration.

PS. I’m just sharing this out of curiosity. I know it’s literally impossible to figure out every possible scenario. But there are things you can figure out by comparing results this way.

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They can word it and twist however they want. It’s their Game, their Site, their Forum.
What is important is what the players complained and protested about, and what we all really wanted - a fairer game economy and a fairer game overall. Because at the end of the day, we are the ones playing it - not the developers. And we are the one financing it - not the social media or marketing teams.

Regardless of how much you and others defend it or deflect, it doesn’t change the fact the new system is broken from the get go and fails to make the game better because of it.

Except, Gaijin don’t consider kill stealing an actual thing. It’s just something made up by the player base.


Oh I agree with you: it’s a bad change. It just added a another half hour a night to my Jaguar time for the next nine days, which sucks. And as an air AB player I get basically nothing of value to me in return here: as AB planes could already fly around with half the plane gone no problem.

Just saying Gaijin was trying to solve a separate problem, and admittedly were up-front about their motives from the start.

This is the problem with someone joining the discussion without any knowledge on the topic and without reading any post in the topic. Because many players (who know how to use their brains) have been complaining about this new system from the beginning.

There was one content creator, who actually read the devs articles and understood them pretty correctly. Other content creators just wanted to release videos as quick as possible, without doing any research, without testing and without reading devs articles. But how is this the devs fault? This just says a lot about such content creators and players who just mindlessly follow them.

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The point of this was to fix the problem of planes appearing dead not actually dead. It’s not to fix “kill stealing” as that’s a concept the devs don’t consider an actual thing. As far their concern is you either get the kill or you didn’t. If damage it enough before you have a chance to get an assist.

I would suggest @everyone keep an open mind. Its a bit of a shock. There will be times when its needed for example taking down a good enemy pilot in a meta.
Maybe they should change the colour a bit of a severely damaged enemy, mabe make it it bright pink or bright orange. I know 1 thing this


shows there is work that still needs doing because no way is anyone walking away from that

So minus achievements, end result is a 15000 SL game to a 14000 SL game, with a big error bar on that. I think this is consistent with their statements that this would be rewards-neutral. The trouble is, score isn’t a “reward” per se, it’s just a rewards variable that has been repurposed as an event completion statistic, so there can be big player-unfriendly changes there that are still “rewards-neutral”.

Yeah, I’m actually not happy with myself, because I should have played a battle with 1 kill in the old system, and then compare it to the battle with a direct kill and then a battle with a severe damage + finishing the enemy in the new system. In theory that should give you the same SL in all situations, if you used the same vehicle. But I didn’t think about saving such battle in the old system.

PS. In my defence, I never really cared about SL. And I have a good reason for this: