Responding to issues regarding dev server reports & an update on spall lining armor from the developers

What a fever dream of a message


there is multiple videos showing proof that russian tanks don’t take a hit at all and allow the tank to be reused let alone salvageable.

you won’t want to look at those videos at all… those tanks getting damaged with ammo that is weaker than what war thunder is saying that cannot pen the frontal armor…

let alone the tanks survivability of the ammo.

please do actual constructive criticism…

there is no reason why nato tanks don’t have anti spall liners due to it being a must for nato tanks since modern mbts… the anti spall liners are IN the armor itself, not a slap on feature to hopefully help the crew survive.

we the community could absolutely give you the exact data of every nato tanks armor, but every time we do it, strangely its called “leaking classified information” and something called “the news” posts how this is the 4th time this year a user leaked classified information to win an argument or something along those lines.

its really not hard to think that there isn’t anti spall liners in nato tanks. just because it isn’t a visual slap on the face doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, i KNOW this game makes sure that stuff for nato tanks way worse than what is historically accurate, however, its a real hard to give evidence about XYZ without a leak classified information issue every few months… just as simple as that.

they make it hard to give information and that leads to leaks due issues from bug report up to what russia gets before most, and how survivability/ how the tanks behave in war thunder itself.


“Podboi” anti-radiation lining had anti spall properties and that thing dates back to T-72, if not earlier.

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I think he got timmed out since he started mocking the mod.

So not much point replying to him tbh

The doctrine of introducing a universal feature to Russian vehicles first instead of rolling it out when they are all ready is crazy


And guys if you ever have an issue with one of your bug reports please contact a technical moderator:


Then maybe those nations should invest in those? Oh wait US didnt have anything competent for close in

Or maybe they should add a tag for dev server specific bugs, because dev server isn’t final and they might already know about some of the bugs.
Acknowledging it as a “current dev server bug that should be fixed” instead of dismissing it as “not a bug because it’s dev server” would be a good start.

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Love how they purposely didn’t say anything about the new Abrams completely incorrect copy paste armor.


It seems like there’s a really obvious solution here, just introduce a “known bug” tag


Truth hurts.

ok ok

so you want an invincible abrams like maus?

That’s not what he said

Rubber cover. On top of the Kevlar. What is it with guys like you being so simple minded trying to stop any buff to NATO tanks


I can only dream when Snail stop marking lack of fire director on Pr. 12412 and MPK 1331M as “Not a bug”. So many people frustrated that their reports go straight to garbage bin even though they try to fix the game.

For transparency, can we see the sources and dokuments) dev team used to model the T-90M armor? You constantly remind us to give “good” sources for western tanks, but we never see the proper sources and dokuments) for CSTO tanks.


What’s the point of the dev server if it’s pointless to test and report because nothing in it is working as intended, everything is subject to change and bug reports get denied, people jumping through hoops to report things on these dev servers are just wasting time.

The engagement ranges that america did would put most planes into the ground before hitting those ranges for hmd being ultra usefull.russia simply not having the capabilities of reliable stealth/missiles that worked/long range/survival rates/radar for battles that america wanted to face…

why do you think we don’t have ARRAMS yet? let alone gameplay that suits american planes (long range fights)

we talk about 50km from middle of map, but American fighters started engagements in the 100’kms…

it was a non issue for most engagements to not have hmd

we talk about aim-54c’s being cancer, and everyone flys on the deck…

Thats due to the maps being small enough to allow almost full after burner for the entire match and zero reasons to climb.

the game is set in 2012 with longer ranges of maps, with only way to really get kills is to dogfight in the middle for every single match.

aka HMD’s would be most beneficial due to this.

its more so war thunder not catering to actual air to air combat, and more so “play with the mosquitos with hmd for 5 minutes”

thats top tier gameplay… not what america planes was built for with what we are getting with machines, we are in that era… thats why we got such a modern f-16c with hmd, due to instead of making the game interesting, rewarding and long term battles that can actually give you a decent profit if you play smart and play long

Such as ARBEC… we get small tiny matches where hmd is pretty much required to fight 6v6+ battles with hmd needing be a near requirement to play “well”

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npc detected?

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Genuinely, Thanks Stona. This whole thing got out of hand quickly like it often does and it’s good to see the first steps being taken to clear the air.