Respawn Bug?

Hi folks,
after a long absence I started again to participate to the game (only in simulator). I have to say that I found the EC better than when I left years ago, and up today I was reasonably satisfied. Today, though, something strange happened and I’d like to know if anyone else has experimented it.
Fisrst, immediately after take off, there was a notice that I had taken sown another plane (you know, the message on the bottom-right of the screen). I was just making height and had engaged no one at that moment. Anyway, no points were granted, so I thought it was just an error.
When I quit, however, I saw that I was debted of like 16.000 SL for “respawns”: now, I had only one deployment and I was flying on a C205 (BR 4) with a deploying cost of around 4.700 SL. So, is it a new bug? Someone has reported it already? I ask because this “inconvenience” halved my income and planes are not cheap, overall at higher BR, as you all know well.
Thamk for the help that you can give, and as always good hunting!

Never seen it myself, could it be the cost of ammo and bombs?

Did you check your replay?

Wait, you had a total amount of 32,000 SL when you joined the match? ( If I only had 32,000 SL for some reason, then I would only be flying planes that cost no more than 2000 to spawn. I, myself, never allow my sl to fall below 1,000,000. )

“Wait, you had a total amount of 32,000 SL when you joined the match?”

Nope. 32.000 was the amount I earned that match (a lucky one, 4 planes down if I am correct), but there were 16K of respawn debted, so I got about half of that sum.

What should I look for in the replay?

Thamks guys!

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Look for anything odd. I know once I crashed 3 times (it was a controller issue) on take off and then had a great game and at the end I was like, how the F did I have so much respawn cost and then I remembered… oh yeah I did that.