Reskinned premium vehicles

So I would like to think that premium vehicles should be cool or unique vehicles but, now its like they have learned nothing.

  • They boost stuff up to rank 8 so now they can say they aren’t selling “top tier” tanks which are just tech tree ones reskinned and of course their hatred of the UK the chally wont actually pack its real armor.
  • Then they decided to literally sell and over BR’d reskinned Tornado. They are asking you to pay 70 dollars for a reskin of the event one.

And yet they have still not added any bonuses for finishing top tier of a nation and we are still missing a bunch of stuff from the roadmap.


There are 2 sides of this.

  1. they are WAY too expensive. For what is just a C&P of something you get for free in the TT but just with better economy.

  2. I’d hate to see cool features for the other Tornados (this being a German tornado something like MW-1) being locked behind a pay wall. Premiums should remain mostly an economy buff


Premiums are optional, you don’t have to buy them. Roadmap can be worked on(And likely is) by someone else while the premiums are being worked on…


I’d rather have all the unique vehices in the tech tree so eveyone can get access to them, and have the premiums and event vehicles mostly reskins of tt vehicles, preferable the half decent ones. That way everyone can get access to the unique stuff, and if you want a faster grind you should still just get premium account when its one sale, because its much better than just buying a premium vehicle.

This is the most recent pic of the roadmap i can find, and of this, all that’s missing is the research bonus for nations other than the one you have ground, and keeping daily logins though wt mobile.


I say this is better than having more unique stuff at high BRs.
At least we won’t get to see the F-4J and F-4S crap fest where they put the last ever US Phantom model behind a paywall.
Or well, any of the other premiums that have no tech tree counterparts.

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The planned new RP Bonuses have basically been canceled

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It’s premium though! Event Tornado isn’t.

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£70 is too much for that bonus though. £30-£40 would still be high, but far more reasonable

Yeah i’d wait for the sales unless it came with some title or other bundle items you just can’t pass up on.

Always the pessimist. The only problem is that when you make statements that are simply not true, there are people who believe you and take what you say at face value.

I quoted the full statement. (so not misleading anyone) It has been postponed for now and based upon the wording. Im not expecting it at all anymore. Certainly not this year for sure (and therefore “canceled” for this years roadmap) . Maybe next year if we are lucky. But Im doubtful of even that

The Swedish M4 was a really lame Copy Paste effort that saw the game sink to an all-time low with premiums. Just one mistake there to cover a previous mistake which is the way the game has been going for a while now. Filler for half-baked tech trees that never should have been brought in at all.

Player base seem to love it and want more. Gimme more Ill-conceived, half empty tech trees and copy paste junk please! Take my money!

If the leak is true, the UK would be receiving 2 more challys…

Gaijin feels like World of Copypaste.

Most of the community accepted that for the game to continue growing, a higher dose of copium was going to be necessary. However, that dose of copium had to come as a filler for a lot of unique things. Lately we’ve only been getting copies and copies of copies. If the list of leaks is true (everything indicates that it is) the UK will have 7 Challengers 2… with very few differences (one with a better engine and another with APS).

70 dollars is too much, especially for premiums that we have been playing for 3 years. The game is really getting boring and the offer is ridiculously stupid.

Quality improvements are needed. More vehicle customization, more realistic bushes, camouflage nets, thermal camouflages, assorted and varied lineups. Instead of 7 Challengers, put light vehicles, more subtrees with some unique things. Everyone loves light vehicles.
That much copying should reduce research costs even more, especially if the way to speed up research is with another $70 copy and paste.


I look forward to my reskinned Swedish T-80U in the Soviet tree so I can play it at a lower BR.

I don’t hate the idea of reskinned premiums when they buff lineups, but some sort of uniqueness isn’t bad, like the T-72AV TURMS vs the T-72B’s.

I agree. Lots of premiums, especially higher tier ones, are just reskins. Look at the 2A4, KVT, and now Tornado. Even at lower tiers, there are many premiums where you are only really paying for extra antennae (looking at you, Befelwagens). But at least those are historically distinct command vehicles and not just “oh here’s this tech tree vehicle but from a specific year or unit”. I wish Gaijin would instead use prototypes or uncommon variants of vehicles instead of just taking the easy (lazy?) way out and reskinning vehicles. Not only would premiums be more interesting and worthwhile this way, but vehicles that are unlikely to ever be seen as tech tree would have a place in game.

Just want to clarify that I don’t have a problem with reskin premiums. I have a problem with reskin premiums taking the potential place of other unique vehicles.

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Few examples are better graphed than this one.

There should be an option to sell the premiums we have and receive a refund.
I actually have a lot of premiums that no longer print lions because they were sold with a lower BR than they currently have or because they now have to face off against vehicles that fire ATGMs.
I haven’t used them in years, it would be nice to receive a refund to be able to amortize a new 100% copy and paste premium.

It ain’t happening.

They want people to fill their lineups with copy paste premiums from the tech tree, so why offer bonuses for people who have completed nations.

Yep, besides, the entire point of premiums and premium time is to help with the grind. If you dont need thsoe anymore, then why spend the money (I’ve maxed out the tree I want. Im not going to renwe Premium time in the foreseeable future and unless something really interesting is added, then I have no need for premiums either)

That isnt necessarily why people buy them.Some players collect vehicles or just want something others may no have or just something that they feel may give them an advantage.I would be nice if those so called command vehicles could use those antenna and call in airstrikes or scout.