Researched a module for a premium aircraft?


Somehow researched a module for the F5c, I already had the mark of distinction for the aircraft and it shot me into this menu upon leaving a game…



This is a bug. Please report it.

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It happens when the viecle gets a new modification iirc.

Edit:oh wait no wtf is %mm nvm

Or, to be exact, if something changes with the vehicle modifications.

For example, in the latest major update they increased the cost of modifications on some plane (I don’t remember which one it was) and I lost “spade” symbol on that plane, even if I had all the modifications already unlocked. I had to play 1 more battle and get more RP, to get the “spade” symbol back.

This is unfortunately a very badly written code, what @Exocetta already suggested. And bad code often leads to bugs like the bug that eats your RP after battles.

I also remember, when they added EFS to French planes, they forgot to mark the new EFS part as researched on the Pallier’s D.510, so you had to “respade” this premium:

They usually fix such bugs quickly, when someone reports them. But the thing is, with well written code such issues shouldn’t even exist in the game.

The “%s” is string formatting option in programming languages. They don’t want to use different sentences for different gun calibers, so they use “Offensive %s mm belts” sentence and then use additional parameter like “20” or “30” to replace %s. In this case I suspect the function didn’t get any additional parameter, so you see unformatted %s. Which indicates this code should never be executed in this particular situation. Basically a spaghetti code.

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The whole thing is part of a mishandled language localization function. So there are at least two uncaught errors here. Fun Fun.

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