Research restrictions need to change

Like many things in this game, it’s a really dated concept that is extremely restrictive and hindering progression beyond initial intentions.

The only thing you can do effectively is research the same rank or 1 rank higher, everything else gets penalized extremely heavily… 60% is already just not worth it, and a 95% is just cruel.

This severely limits the vehicles you can play and the lineups you can make if you want to actually progress and research without wasting all your time, and considering more and more vehicles get added to the game and we still earn 2014 levels of RP despite over 200 million RP being added to the game, no one wants to lose 60% of their RP.

If you’re researching rank 4 with your rank 3, you already cannot add your rank 2 vehicles despite being entirely valid otherwise, a Stug lll at 4.0 would be perfectly fine with the 4.3 vehicles at rank lll, but not if you want a 60% penalty.
Or a 4.0 KV-1S can’t be alongside your 4.0 SU-152 or 4.3 ASU-57 if you’re researching the next rank.

Back in 2014 where we only have 5 ranks stretched out that’s one thing, nowadays however that’s not the case.

Minor nations especially have been thrown into miserable situations, being given a singular ‘actual’ vehicle in a rank they have to use to research the next rank, even though there are other vehicles here that could have been used like the Type 60 SPRG and Type 61 with HEATFS, but it would be a giant waste of time so good luck to the team when the STB dies because they won’t be spawning anything else.


Even nowadays a nation like Japan has a singular jet at rank 7 which they are forced to use to research the next rank, and even to get to that point they have to grind that one using a 104J, T2 or F-1 which all lack counter measures and aren’t particularly good either.


Even their premium options suck.

I think a 95% penalty is always absurd and always has been absurd, these penalties should not exceed 50% under any circumstance in my opinion, let people play what they want.

So obviously I think we need to expand the research without penalty by another rank to compensate for all the extra ranks that have been added and the heavy compression due to Gaijin’s reluctance to decompress BRs, resulting in a lot of vehicles in close BR being separated by ranks, even rank differences with the same BR.

Or even higher BRs in lower ranks because reasons, but you cannot use the D9 to research but you can use the 109s and other 190s.


The specific numbers aren’t really relevant, they should just not be 95%, absolutely ridiculous.
But you should be able to research 2 ranks higher without penalty, and beyond that the penalty should be within reason and not just remove literally all the RP.


Back in the day we had no restrictions,which is how i got half of my air trees to old top tiers like Sabre,as i just played low tier props i had fun with. They did this to promote sales of premium vehicles making the lower tier ones you bought obsolete and useless due to the penalty. It forces you to buy the next rank premium to grind efficiently further.


Which is fair enough to promote premium, but a 95% reduction isn’t coercing or promoting anything, that is completely prohibiting it.

Not to mention that a premium inherently has it’s value for the RP bonus and the ability to play top tier, regardless of tier restrictions, so even without any restrictions there is a value for premiums anyways.
No one buys the next rank premium anyways when you can just buy the top premium, I’m not going to buy a rank 3 prem to grind 4, and then a 4 premium for rank 5 etc, if you want to grind a tree you buy rank 7.

If the rank restrictions were reduced it would improve the premium value anyways as it would last a lot longer, if I were to buy the F-86 premium for Japan I could research rank Vl, but then I couldn’t do rank Vll so I’d need to buy another premium which doesn’t exist so then a talisman on a plane to get to rank Vlll… obviously just stupid as the garbage Sabre is already $50 + another $20 for a talisman on a bad plane.

Then you just buy the garbage F-4 instead.

Honestly having just done the Japan air tree in that section by just spading the planes, the progression there is actually just fine. Sure you need to play all the planes, but its fine. You get used no flares.

And the 95% reduction in RP is the best feature of this games progression. It more or less forces people to play the BRs they are researching meaning you cant club your way to top tier using bottom tier vehicles. The values currently used are honestly fine.

Tbh, premium vehicles should have the same restrictions as tech tree vehicles.

And in the case of Japan the research path is fine for air. Since the tech tree is so narrow at top tier you might aswell just play all the planes anyways, buying a premium for it is a waste of money.

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You can actually grind the F-16AJ efficiently with the F-1 if you want, the bonus for researching the next line vehicle takes priority over the penalty.

Honestly a suprisingly nice grind going from Ki-200 all the way to F-16AJ

progression there is actually just fine

Being forced to play 1 specific vehicle no matter how good or bad that is or if you enjoy it at all, I wouldn’t say is just fine, when then only reason that is necessary is an overly punishing research system.

It forces people to play the BRs they are researching, its the best feature progression

I’ll never understand how being forced to do anything in a game is the best way to go about things, allowing an extra rank is more than reasonable with how many new ranks have been added to the game and the completely nonsensical way ranks are used, as they exist purely to limit progression, it actively hampers the game and prevents viable lineups from being made.

you might aswell just play all the planes anyways

I mean you don’t have a choice as there is only 1.

You can actually grind the F-16AJ efficiently with the F-1 if you want, the bonus for researching the next line vehicle takes priority over the penalty.

Good point

I don’t understand,…
Statcards are clear about which rank is useful to research other ranks.

The only thing you need to do is to :
READ the Rank of researched aircraft

USE aircraft of ranks being close by the aircraft you wanna research

And that’s all,… nothing is unfair if you play by the rules of the game.

Btw,… since all premium aircrafts are useful to research a LOT of ranks, you can also use those aircrafts.

And finally,… some people should try switching between Jet and Props sometimes → would help people being better at the game,…

How is the Ki-200 a nice grind when anything and everything is faster than you, you’re fighting Yak-38s, Mig-21S, Harriers and such.

The penalties are there for a reason, but the +2 rank penalty is way higher than it should be. It should be closer to 25% than 60%.

I don’t understand

I don’t understand your post either.

That is how games work. And in this case it means people cant go from Pz 4 to Leopard 2A7 and actually have to learn how to play along the way.

As pointed out earlier, you do have more than one option. And like ive said, i did this branch and its fine. If the worst case scenario for this is fine (not ideal mind you) i dont see the big deal in what is otherwise beneficial.

Best 8.7 ive ever played. Play it and you will understand why. Performance is phenomenal

it means people cant go from Pz 4 to Leopard 2A7

No one suggested they should be able to do that, Panzer IV is rank 2 and Leopard is rank 8 so clearly not what I suggested with an extra rank, it just means being able to research the Panther D as well as the Panther A effectively.

and actually have to learn how to play along the way.

Yeah… or they just buy the premium Leopard 2 and you … not learn anything but Gaijin gets their money so its doesn’t matter and it doesn’t solve the issue.

Isn’t it almost the exact same as the 8.0 Me-163 minus the guns?

A plane which is perfectly balanced at 8.0?

I did, all that ended up happening was watching people fight 20km away and my 30mm being surprisingly bad when I was lucky enough to fight an opponent that wasn’t twice as fast.

Should be, only the 163 B gets 30mm at 8.0 and the 8.7 B-0 gets 20mm which somehow is worth a .7 BR increase from what I can tell…
The Ki-200 gets worse 30mm than the 8.0 version, but at the same BR as the 8.7 version.

You also said 30% reduction is within reason. That is at least implied. But that allows one to do exactly that.

Idk, never played that one. But you can pull like 13G no problem in it with great acceleration and energy retention.

If the 163 is that at 8.0 then that would be insane.

Honestly dont know how that can be the case given the mobility it gets. The 30mm hits hard sure its limited but once you get the feeling for it, damn its nice. I was sceptic at first but its really nice for 8.7