Research points

I ask you a question, in your opinion, with a game like this, don’t the research points earned, also having an active +30% booster, seem a bit low to you? I scored 8 kills, 7 with the tank 1 with the plane, 92% of activity, and I only scored 5452 research points, honestly it seems to me little for what I’ve done. What do you think about it?

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Seems to be activities are linked more to SL and the majority of RP comes from the more mysterious “activity time” (you get no RP from Awards etc.).

You get a much better breakdown in the list of Battles. It feels like RP has a limit due to its more vague procurement method, with only a Premium vehicle on top and Boosters producing better numbers.

So yeah, for being rather successful, active, and winning, it feels low (but pretty much typical).

Bring on the RP reductions!

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