Why does italy have bad RP gains?

I have premium and I do fairly well I think. Is there something I’m missing?

That’s just ground in a nutshell, not specific to Italy

We’ve less RP rewards compared to air


Who only get 1 spawn (maybe 2 if you manage to land and repair a dead plane not forced to J out).

Still, earnings do not ramp up with BR.


SL is earnt by what you do (kills, caps, hits, crits, awards, being hit, assists, scouts, basically what the new screen breaks down for us).

RP is earnt by length of time in battle/being “active” (a mystery; I have done little in matches before and got high activity).

Hence why the issue of automated player control being so profitable for third parties.

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This looks normal to me, 4 kills, 2 assists, no capture points, 5k RP towards the SIDAM looks good. 12 kill nuke game would have gotten me 18.4k RP towards vehicle research if i wasnt researching a vehicle 2 ranks below the Strv 122s. I have Talismans on both Strv 122s so it would be around 9.2k RP if i didnt have the talismans. So 4 kills being 5k RP and 12 kills being 9.2K is good imo.

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