Requirements for balancing Realistic Battles (WIP)

I’ll make this short and just ask of you all to vote on the changes you think are necessary for a more balanced War Thunder experience for all players of all nations.

Please feel free to discuss and make arguments for your POV but refrain from falling to emotion OR MAKING claims that are not backed up.

Ground Realistic Battles

1) Keep Kh-38ML/T (40km range AGM exclusive to russian Su-25SM3)
  • Yes
  • No
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2) Helicopter rocket pods spawn points requirement increase to prevent first spawn
  • Yes
  • No
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3) Adjustment of spawn point requirements for guided AGMs based on number and capability (see explanation below)
  • Yes
  • No
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Explanation of point #3

Some aircraft have the capability of carrying up to 6 guided AGMs and some have the capability of carrying only 1 or 2. Thus this should be reflected in the spawn point cost. It goes without saying that 1 or 2 should cost less than 6.

Air Realistic Battles

4) Match size
  • 6v6
  • 8v8
  • 10v10
  • 12v12
  • 16v16
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Please feel free to suggest the addition of more polls or even options!

There were more good ideas but my memory isnt serving me good rn. Help me out 😭

Okay but like
Dont hurt my swedish helis more, its already pain ;-;

The swedes dont have any rockets on any helis apart from the AHS and the Mi-28

They aren’t going to do this. I did a spreadsheet laying out SP changes for aircraft spawning and ordnance costs but they hid the suggestion post and called it wishlisting and that it would effect balance.

Having SP cost vary by ATGM count will hurt em 😔

Esp cause the first one only gets six atgms and thats all…

Theres a certain way to suggest these kinds of things without overstepping some limits hence why mostly its hard to do so

not really, the current maximum spawn cost of the swedish huey should remain the same even with this system in effect

I am aware of how to make suggestions, and I put very much time, research, and community involvement into it based on what I’ve observed on the forums. It also wasn’t my first suggestion, and I laid out just about everything I could before I reached a point where I couldn’t finish the spreadsheet in a reasonable manner/timeframe. They aren’t going to take community suggestions involving balance like this. I’ve already tried. It comes down to causing battle ratings to need to be recalculated for all of the vehicles involved and probably some of the ground vehicles as well. If they want to change these systems they will change it how they want it, but I highly doubt they will change the current system in place for aircraft spawns in RB modes.

I did posts like this asking everyone’s opinions and adjusting my spreadsheet, but they aren’t going to take balancing suggestions like this from the community. I’m telling you this because I have actually been through it involving this exact subject matter, and they aren’t interested.

Please read the post again…
I think you are under a big misunderstanding


i did…

i apologise :(

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Hehe its ok.
We all make mistakes.
I appreciate those who own up.
God bless you.

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12.7 max player air battles needs to stop

you meant as in upteiring 11.7 to 12.7 should stop?

No I’m talking about player count but that too I guess

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I see that 23% of ARB players would probably like playing Arcade better. 16v16 is way too much for ARB and I have no clue how anyone wishing to experience realistic air battles vouches for such teamsizes.

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We all hate it.
Only the masochists like it

This is more like “balancing for realistic top tier battles” then whole realistic battles

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Fair enuf

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