Request for a test drive/perm vehicle?

i would like to request a test drive of the P-59A, if you could turn that into a coupon that would be cool too (even though i know thats not gunna happen) ive been playing for years and the one vehicle i regret not being around for is that low tier beauty. i will most likely be streaming tonight too(i almost exclusively stream WT anyway) sorry if this is the incorrect pathway but this is my first time requesting a test drive

Click that big red button to obtain your P-59A

i have no money rn. lost my job to some bullshit

That is your problem. Gaijin doesnt give test drives or vehicles for free.

Not for that price……

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It would be cool to have but I agree, not at that price.


Unless your a CC, iirc then they give you test drives.

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Yes, but they are time limited anyway, very rarely they give you the vehicle permanently. Usually they give like 30d test drive on new stuff so CCs can make vids about it without grinding these.

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No,cause you were the one complaining about people playing on ULQ. And i only said i cant afford new PC easily when the cost of living went up and wages are same. Yknow when in entire country rent to wages ratio is highest in Europe while not even being western Europe,smth is wrong. Rent and essential living cost takes over half of everyone’s salary here.

Yeah, so i DID remember correctly that you were the guy

No, i never said anything to buy me a PC,so you are wrong. But then i dont go to forums to ask Gaijin for free stuff that they wont give you unless you are CC registered in their program anyway.

Dude. Just stop.

Still i am not the one complaining about ULQ. And even then,you got official Gaijin response from Stona that ULQ aint going anywhere.

Read the topic. People agree that ULQ is a problem.

Ending this topic.

Am I getting something wrong? You can click on ‘view in game’ and then take a test drive?

OP wants test drive as in temporary ability to use the vehicle in normal games like CCs are given by Gaijin. Not the test drive in test drive map.


Thx for clearing this up for me. I would say this is a big no no.

bruh I don’t even have ulq as an option I’m on Xbox XD

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