Panzerhaubitze 2000

M8, this might be news to you (and im not saying this to be rude) but the Puma is the most borked vehicle in the entire game…

Gaijin has like 15 major bug reports about literally EVERYTHING about the puma except its mobility, they have so many bug reports the 15 they currently have have other reports pulled into them. The vehicle basicly needs a complete rework

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Thats kinda weird seeing as the VIDAR from the old forums made it into the game, and it was their job to port over the passed for consideration ones…

It sounds like they havent even bothered starting to work on the panzerhaubitze if they told you to remake the suggestion, so I guess we wont see it for another 4+ years at least

Bad news but it sounds like they pulled one of these:


check your dm


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todays a military display at my place, wanted to share this beauty


We are not porting over the passed for consideration as sated in the Clean Slate section on this post.

If you have anymore questions about that, feel free to DM me as I would like to keep the comments on topic about the suggestion.

thats why i remade my old suggetions :D

Ditto, only have 1 but i am proud of my murder wiesel


30mm wiesel? or MELLS?

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Ah, I guess I have to port my suggestion for the S1A1 Denko here again, I suppose.

ja… sadly

my suggestion is the MELLS Wiesel^^

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Oh nice… now do a 30mm Wiesel too pls :D

that one is part of the already approved wiesel carrier suggestion, reasons my wish to add it to suggested vehicles not yet implemented was rejected

Yep thats why we have to make a new Suggestion. Sucks but oh well…

Recent addition of the Vidar makes me want the Pzh2000 even more. More firepower and armor for less HP/T ratio, sounds like great fun.

Does this vehicle get thermals and laser rangefinder?

The commander has a Leica PERI-RTNL 80 panoramic periscope, which is used in under-armour operations and for target designation in direct laying engagements. PERI-RTNL 80 has day and night vision channels and a laser rangefinder. The gunner is equipped with a Leica PzF TN 80 day and night direct fire sight for direct laying of the gun.

Well, new update is called “kings of battle” and we know theres atleast 2 new SPG’s coming. Really hoping the Pzh2000 is being added, as itd make sense this update, but im guessing this is gonna be another “spit in german mains faces” update…

my guess? not this update. next one with rank 8 tanks