Reomove "Domination" mode for high BR

I don’t know how to land the AF during this model by F16 or F15, it is really ridiculous to ask a supersonic aircraft to land and cap the point, and the map is too small, it is like suiside, especially when most of the jets can BVR, this mode is just designed for prop, not for supersonic aircraft.

just dont play arcade or get an harrier or just get good at the game

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no other options rly

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Could be something to ask for a mechanic to make an AI plane spawn that goes to cap the field for you, that in turn you have to protect.

Or a no-cost low level plane that you get offered to do this yourself regardless of the lineup. ((Just for these high BR situations, not every domination.))

Compared to the normal one, domination mode is too fast and the map is too small, maybe just 4-5 minutes will end, and very low earnings from that, because there is almost nothing to after destroying the ground targets( and they are worthless)