Removing the limit for Otomatic APFSDS projectiles

Hi everyone, the same kind of topic was already raised 2 years ago and otomatic was 10.3 at that time, now it is on 11.3. Maybe at 10.3 it could do something against ground targets with SAPOM shells but now they are useless. APFSDS is the only ammo that allow you to fight MBTs at 11.0+ and you have only 12 of them, in theory it is enought for 2-3 kills, in reality with the inconsistent damage you can get 1 maybe 2 if you are lucky. You will say that it is AA vehicle but at 11.3 there are no air thanks to ground to air missiles so if you want to play as AA vehicle welcome to afk gameplay till your spown get rushed by MBTs.



i still think its funny how gaijin thinks an SPAA with 76mm APFSDS is more powerful against tanks than a dedicated anti-tank 75mm APFSDS. Un-nerf HSTV-L

All SPAAGs are overdue for either their belt compositions being un-nerfed (WW2 AAs) or their AP(FS)DS shell count limits being removed.

If you really think about it, a high tier SPAAG loading just APDS is really a worse IFV for all intents and purposes. Bigger, often slower, spinning radar dish activates “its vision is based on movement” memes, no ATGMs and/or secondary guns to kill what autocannon sabot cannot pen, and sometimes higher repair costs due to less-frequent use.

If whining about barrel damage is the reason why SPAAGs remain in their crippled state - then how about remove the ability for gun barrels to be damaged at all, and fix two problems at once by also making every heavy tank/armored tank destroyer ingame much more playable?


If you carefully analyze, you should find that the BR of the OTOMATIC anti-aircraft vehicle is higher than what it actually is . The 2S38 of BR 10.0 also has a fast fire gun, HE-VT, locking system, smaller body, and better body . At the same time, the OTOMATIC does not have high-definition thermal imaging, and only the main gun is used as an anti-aircraft weapon , which undoubtedly leads to it being able to intercept planes flying level within 2 kilometers and helicopters hovering without aircraft, And the efficiency of the 9A35M2, XM975, and 93SAM, which are also within BR 11.3, is several times higher than that of this anti-aircraft gun. Therefore, I believe that OTOMATIC should be around BR10.3-BR10.7 , or increase the limit of APFSDS . Previously, OTOMATIC, as a powerful anti vehicle SPAA, limited the number of APFSDS, which can be understood. However, in the era of SPAA in full bloom, it has almost no ability to compete with SAM, and we would rather see Italy as a country that is valued, As you can see, this is a very distinctive car but no one is playing it. I hope you can meet the wishes of Italian players after seeing it
By the way, it takes 14 seconds for his ammunition to be loaded from the backup to the ready to fire ammunition rac k, which means it takes 30x14=420 seconds ,6min to fully load . This efficiency cannot be compared to SAM, and the hit rate is unreliable. In most cases, the opposite aerial vehicle can maneuver and dodge, such as 2S6 and S1, which can be intercepted by SAM for 4-6 kilometers. Can machine guns be used to intercept within 1 kilometer, while OTOMATIC’s optimal shooting distance is only within 2 kilometers, These factors have all led to OTOMATIC’s extremely low appearance rate. As the most advanced SPAA in Italy, his treatment should not be so poor

It is long overdue for all SPAAG belt composition nerfs and all high-tier SPAAG AP(FS)DS shell count limits to be lifted.

An SPAA loading full sabot is ultimately a slower, taller, wider, and more thinly-armored IFV without ATGMs. If someone wants to go Ersätz TD mode, let them.

No. SPAA aren’t tank destroyers and shouldn’t be functioning like one not to mention many SPAA with full APDS belts would need br increases to were they can no longer effectively engage planes, leaving br gaps in TTs. Plus fighting rapid fire vehicles has always been a pain.

Yet for an AA to be useful to their team they need to leave the tank spawn zone, and to encourage the average joe to do that, AA need to be able to shred the sides of most tanks they come across. An AA playing Ersatz TD is ultimately a worse IFV with no missiles, and we have a few examples already like the Type 87 and BTR-80 which are hardly game-breaking. All AAs would be much larger than and slower than those, except for the R3 that needs punting to 7.0+ after being given DM63 sabot.

Plus, AA with belt nerfs removed helps solve the “no armor best armor” plague still ongoing in the game.

If barrel damage is a problem, remove barrel damage as a feature as its nothing but a nuisance.

They don’t need to. It does help not being in ones spawn while shooting down planes but isn’t necessary if one can master holding off the trigger and waiting until the plane comes closer. Plus you always have a little room to leave your spawn unless you are being spawn camped.

At lower tiers yes, most AA are slower than their tank counterparts. At higher tiers, no as most gun AA is based off of MBT chassis.

From my understanding the Otomatic limited by apfsds is historical as it only had the ability to store a limited number of apfsds as it was of different size to its regular rounds. The Geopard type vehicles also had a dedicated storage to apds ammo but it was quite small. Currently there is debate over if the entire regular ammo section of the Geopard could hold apds (which seems likely but meh).

I don’t know about other vehicles with limited ap ammo.

I don’t actually think that’s an issue (unless you are in the 8.0 br bracket were most light tanks get thermals and most mbts don’t).

That would create even more problems. Many vehicles would have to be shuffled and honestly the barrel being able to be destroyed is realistic and I don’t see it as an issue.