Remove ULQ Graphic Setting

That FPS is comparable to what my MacBook Pro achieves even on ULQ graphical settings, possibly little lower, but close enough.

You might want to keep the discussion to the topic haha.


Thats the point. Vega 8 is a good iGPU, and taking is as a measurment to say EVERYTNIG can do it is just wrong.

Yes i know but an iGPU is usually like…way worse than most dedicated GPUs, the one in Starfield Video is also from new higher end CPU the one i tested was just a Ryzen 3 2200G (i think)

So usually if an cheap iGPU can run it, most GPUs can. Stuff like a Nvidia 750 (doesn’t even cost 50 Euro on Ebay) and upwards definitely can and on a GTX 1060 i played myself yeeeaaaars ago on more demanding games than WT and most expensive i found isnt even 100€

My point is, Vega 8 is a good iGPU, that can pull out decent fps in many games, sadly other things like Mac or Intel based are not guaranteed to do as good.
That is why ULQ is needed, so those who do not have high or even medium end PC can play the game.

Somewhere in my stash of game admin memories is a small unassuming glass bottle with a cork stopper full of the tears of those I banned for illicit activity.

On the back of the bottle it reads: May contain traces of excuses such as Git Gud, Skill Issue, ULQ and I wasn’t cheating honest.

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And some people in third world countries dont have that kind of money you privileged inconsiderate prick.
Just want them not to be able to play anymore because your having skill issues?


Seems like you accidentally replied to me when i replied to him.

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Read my Post again before jumping to conclusions - also Gaijin is the single only Company who even offers something like a ULQ Mode.

And as i have said before people will eventually need to upgrade their Rig to higher capacity, just alone to be even able to play Games at all in the future / have Hardware capable of even running the operating Systems.

Steam has already shut down Windows 7 from accessing it, how many Millions do you think lost access to all their Game and were forced to upgrade to an OS there Computer might not have been able to run so had to buy new PC as well?

And Steam seems very considerate already and isn’t following in any calls of shutting down their services in Russia for example and a lot of Steam Users are from Russia.

Its not about whether it is inconsiderate but simply that you can’t cater to and stop your whole further development because of whats essentially a small amount of your customer base from xy ‘Third World’ Country - or do you call Steam or all the other game development Companies like Larian Studious (Baldurs Gate) inconsiderate pricks?

And War Thunder has no high requirements like a GTX 660 can run on medium and it costs…20€

Ignoring the fact you cant exactly play on a GPU alone. And the fact that could be a GPU you could consider using ULQ on in the future due to no driver support (and no open source driver, thanks Nvidia)

Gtx 660 level performance is today a performance level millions of people do not have access to. Like the people using an Xbox One to play Warthunder, a console that sold untill 2020 and whos variants sold millions in total.

Its also one of the few that actually puts effort into making most hardware playable in their game.


There is that one guy in the countryside of Pakistan that still have the thing you sold in 1997 on Ebay,…
→ that’s 1/3 of the world ^^"

Dude… stop assuming based on US/EU/Japan computer standards


Thank you for the information, didnt mean to call you a prick even if it was accidental. I am sorry.


i assume you will buy me a new pc with a GPU that can run WT at medium graphics?
if not…
stay in your lane.

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Thats me lol!


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ask gromvoiny XD

This makes gaijin unique. There are very few modern games that run on weaker systems with iGPU but Warthunder runs on almost every pc thanks to ULQ.


One of the things War Thunder prides itself on is being available on as many platforms. The fact that it still runs so well on low end platforms is a technical feat. Contrary to your claim, may devices can not run WT on medium graphics settings which is why the game has a minimum graphics settings. Many do not see it as worth buying a whole new computer for a game or cannot afford to upgrade their computer.

ULQ is a necessary evil. War Thunder has always prided itself on running great on lower end devices and ULQ is necessary to achieve that. That is why despite all of the graphics updates, War Thunder has only ever increased the minimum hardware requirement once and that was for Dagor 6.0 in update New Power. Even then, the increase was quite minor to exclude as few devices from being able to run the game as possible.


No. If people lack hardware they should have this option that’s worse for them than playing on ultra.
ULQ gives people less visibility than ultra.
1- It’s abused by zero players. It’s inferior to ultra settings.
2- There is no advantage to using ULQ over ultra. Ultra lets you see through trees, ULQ blocks vision.
3- Irrelevant.
4- Irrelevant.
5- To support legacy hardware.
6- No.

Every post claiming 1 & 2 are disinfo.


Fair. “Pride” was probably not a great word to use but you get my point.

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War Thunder has always been accessible on even low-performance computers. Over the years, the performance bar has risen (due to ever-improving audio and video visuals), but we always tried to make the game accessible to as wide spectrum of players as possible. Not everyone can afford to buy a state-of-the-art graphics card, a new laptop or a next-gen console. The world is not a paradise, where everyone can spend loads of money on computer upgrades without blinking an eye. As long as this is possible, we always try to ensure that War Thunder works even on weak hardware.

And it’s not true that today there are no more computers that won’t run WT on medium or minimum settings. Every now and again I read reviews in which a player complain that, unfortunately, the game doesn’t work on their graphics (and it turns out that they are using a GT 9500 or some other hardware from a dozen years ago) and I feel sorry for them. I remember the times when I struggled hard on a Radeon 9250 to turn on any “modern” game (because I couldn’t afford better graphics).

Making fun of such gamers, or suggesting that they should be cut out of the game even though it is not necessary is wrong and has no place on our forum.

ULQ got a lot of disadvantages, it’s not a mode that gives you advantage in battle. I would never want to play on that mode, but some players simply have no other choice. Respect that and allow them to play their favorite game.