Remove ULQ Graphic Setting

  1. Its being massively abused by some people

  2. It gives an massive advantage against people who don’t use it

  3. There isn’t a single PC in 2024 who can’t run the Game on at least medium Settings - i checked and even an iGPU like the Vega 8 can run the Game stable on medium Settings.

  4. Its misleading and scaring off potential new Players if they see footage of the Game where someone uses ULQ they might think the Game looks like that by default

  5. Theres absolutely zero reason for it to exist

  6. Game should make an Hardware check and if your Hardware can handle above ULQ you don’t get to play on ULQ - only people who actually have ancient Hardware


It’s almost as if everyone doesn’t use a computer from 2024. Oh my, what a revelation. Surely common sense doesn’t exist.


Its 2024

And? you expect me to replace my perfectly functional computer just cause its a new year?


No, nor did i say that the majority of people use a Computer from 2024. I said there isn’t a single PC in 2024 which can’t run the Game above ULQ Settings. Not from.

Mine can’t.

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That’s the same thing. You’re implying that all computers are built equally and can run a game at medium graphic fidelity which means low and ULQ should go bye-bye.
Without even taking a moment and thinking that perhaps a lot of computers are not built equally some are built for certain tasks such as office work but could be used for low-end gaming rather than high-end gaming.
Think Forest think.

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No, im not implying that all Computers are equal.

" 1. There isn’t a single PC in 2024 who can’t run the Game on at least medium Settings - i checked and even an iGPU like the Vega 8 can run the Game stable on medium Settings."
Your own words say something differently.

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War Thunder has performance issues in itself even on a relatively new gaming laptop. And my PC which is top of the line 2013 spec can only keep up on ULQ. Your idea is flawed and inconsiderate because ULQ makes some trees obstruct more of your view.


Where does that say that all Computers are equal? It says that there isn’t one Computer, hyperbole, that can’t run the Game on at least medium Settings.

That would at best only mean that theres a minimum standart-level of Hardware the Computers have. It doesn’t mean they are all equal as you claim i said.

Mine is from 2017, it’s a laptop but has a better hard drive so it performs better compared to what it had before. However it still doesn’t change the fact that it cannot or would struggle especially the fan would struggle at performing at medium specs and outright scare people away since they don’t want a toasty potato.


There is no standard, your not gonna win this. Which is what your trying to do by defending your claim.
Since this is how it goes, we punch holes in a claim, you try to defend it, and we keep punching holes in a flawed claim. So run away back to your echo chamber since you decided to walk into a desert with winter equipment.


A Laptop or Computer capable of running the Game at high Settings doesn’t even cost 300-400€ - you get more from carrying out Newspaper for a month

My laptop was anywhere over 1200 to 1500. Costing for repairs twice nearly up to 3k with another 1k to get it to the state its been in since its repairs and hasn’t broken down since.
Your point is? cause i still fail to see why i need to buy a new laptop when this works perfectly fine and has been working pretty much fine for me since i bought it.

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You said that i claimed everyone Computer is build equal - which is false.

And there is a average. The most common GPU nowadays is a RTX 3060 and even the lower-end ones like a GTX 1060 are more than capable of running at max Settings except Movie/SSAA.

What are your Specs?

maximum settings look like poorly modded stalker game?

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The Graphics of the Game should be increased overall and ULQ removed. It is unnecessary and only being abused.

And the moment I hear the word abuse I instantly know you also claim that CAS needs to be removed, so time for me to have fun with this.