Remove this br changes. This is the most pointless and worse change in this year

Tiger now 6.0 so you play 10/8 battle in 7.0 tiger1 vs object 268 or ikv91…. IS6 go to 7.7 and the br system is not exsist so the is6 often play in 8.7.
Mbt2000 go up to 10.7…. and the mbt2000 no have atgm and worse thermal and armor than ztz99.
Yestervlk in 4.0? So 1980’s vs 1940-42 what the cancer is this?

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I mean you have to perform some pretty awesome magic to somehow get into a 7.7 match with a 6.0 lineup. the entire point of the current BR changes is to make 7.0 and below less crowded, mainly because 1.0 to 4.0 is a mess and to fix it we are gonna have to push everything from 4.3 to 7.0 upwards, the change to the Tiger tank is fine, currently the only issue seems to be that the average Russian tank isn’t being affected by this and probably won’t for another 6 months