Remove the map borders because it hinders gameplay

If you hadn’t notices gaijin has started putting map borders everywhere, changing how the flow of the game on most maps.

Some maps like Advance to the Rhine doesn’t have a lot of problems with the new borders, which only covers the parts where you usually cant access.

But some maps like Battle of the Hurtgen Forest especially on the [Conquest #1] blocks the flanks on both the south and north making the battlefield incredibly small. Ash River [Conquest #1] where gaijin blocks the entire south flank making it unaccesable. Even their newest map [Domination #1] North Holland they block the entirety of the west side of the city.

Gaijin need to stop removing options, making the game more of a corridor shooter than a dynamic battlefield, where there would be flankers, assaults, or Defenders.


I think they do this to simplify maps and make them more linear.
Press W and drive into the enemy and then die.

They are catering to new players who buy a premium line up. Buy a M1A1, an A-10, and an Apache only to quickly die to players that are using tactics and map knowledge xD

Can’t have that. So make maps easy and boring.

I think Gaijin has the worst map designers of any game.


Dude, everyone is pissed about these changes to the maps, and the low vehicle search rate, is this company really that greedy and ungrateful towards its users?



Being a minority sucks, but that is how it rolls.

Flanking is a big brain strat so despised by most of the war thunder playerbase.


I remember on one snow map, I flanked all the way behind the enemy spawn onto a hill outside of the detection zone and overlooked their whole Spawn. It was a killing field and I had the one of the best War Thunder experiences in a while.

Its very fun to flank but it is also a bad experience on the receiving end of spawn camping.
Im fine with gaijin blocking off spots where people can spawn camp but not the whole half of the map


My conspiracy theory that I have concocted in my head is that they do this to control RP and SL gain.


Remember …it is not conspiracy theory if it is true .

Idk who the simpleton is that made these map changes but it clearly shows they have not spent any time playing any of the maps at any of the tiers and did not understand the flow or map dynamics of the maps at any of the tiers. They clearly had no idea what made certain maps fun to play and others imbalanced nor what the problem areas or sight lines within a map were . God forbid the devs would reach out to the community or active players and maybe ask what the problems on a map are before making terrible changes that affect the enjoyment of the game .

Every single map they edited or changed recently has been made worse in multiple ways, they need to give us back to originals which had more sight lines and were overall more balanced. I dont understand how they not only managed to make the map worse but more unbalanced. They also seem to have reduced the maps sizes by almost 40% on some maps reducing the playing field and moving the spawns closer to each other.They reduced amount of options people had on how to approach the battlefield , why is every map they edit now a flat piece of turd with less cover then before ? They removed not only cover but hills , drops, sight lines that allowed every type of vehicle to be played to their strengths with proper map knowledge .

They seem to really want to turn this into a mindless lane shooter where no strategy is involved so the matches are over within 5min Call of Duty but tanks… I find myself literally leaving every other game because a map they ruined to shi* are not fun or balanced to play. I am hoping they revert the map edits they have done and give us back the originals and ask the community for feedback on how to improve them because whoever the person or team making these changes is they clearly did not understand the basics of what makes a map fun/balanced and interesting to play.

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Not being able to leave the obviously-intended natural playable area is not “making the game into CoD”.

It was always odd that single-cap maps had the same playable area as single-cap anyway, really these are just overdue fixes.

My biggest complaint is how haphazardly some map borders have become. They often cut off streets in random places, and don’t attempt to follow the terrain in any way.

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That I definitely agree with, they should at the very least follow the “natural” flow of the map, regardless of size.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but on some maps like Stalingrad Conquest #1 the out of bounds area doesn’t even show up, until I actually enter it. Makes it difficult to chart a path if your unfamiliar with a map, only to discover where you wanted to go is out of bounds.

Its not just them cutting down map sizes artificially its also an issue with most of the already existing maps where they’re so small it ends up with the game being decided on the first team to cap

I really do enjoy capping the point in the first 30s of the game then spending the other 6 minutes spawn camping the enemy with no way for them to do anything while i make nearly 0 rp because RP is 99% based on game length and not actions performed in game, no map at high tier should have you be able to drive into an enemies spawn from your own in less than 2 minutes genuinely they should just make more pradesh sized maps and never make city maps again for any br higher than 6.7, Pradesh and red dessert are genuinely the most enjoyable maps ingame because they dont last 6 minutes and have actual engagement ranges beyond 2 microns



(From Reddit)

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ngl i’d love disabling map boundaries to be an option in custom battles.

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Id love if they added the original maps back in rotation , let the community choose which version they prefer instead of forcing a one size fits all solution.

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I agree, but theu probably do this for all the plethores of spawnkillers who are a real problem!