Remove solid AP from the game

It has been a long time coming but I believe we need to stop pushing to fix AP performance and instead push to remove them from the game.

Uncapped solid AP serves no purpose in the game. Its penetration performance is worse than APC. Its sloped performance is no good. It has worse bounce chances. Its post pen damage is mediocre.

Uncapped solid AP is an obstacle placed in the road to grinding APHE. After years of bug reports, suggestions, forum posts and rants, it’s clear Gaijin does not intend for uncapped AP to be viable round. It exists to frustrate and annoy players that are required to grind through it before unlocking APHE.

The basis for such an action is already there. When Gaijin switched to its DeMarre calculator, many rounds had their performance reduce to the point of uselessness and were removed.

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Oh boy, wait til you get to high tiers where HEAT becomes stock.


You do realize a fast amount of tanks we’re created to be able to use only AP (and different variants of it), most of British tanks come with AP only, some of French tanks come with AP only. Great amount of Mid-tier American tanks come with AP only. I understand your suggestion of removing AP, but some vehicles would literally not have anything to shoot with. And sadly the AP before APHE is part of the grind for each vehicle: you start with stock (at its worst) and play and play till its spaded (at its best), that is how vehicle unlocking works. Removing that would remove the system of grind.

I’ve played plenty of tanks with HEATFS. HEATFS lacks post pen but not pen and can overpressure.

I said AP, not APC or APHE. How many French tanks only fire uncapped AP?

stop being a kid and wanting to remove something because you cant play with it


No, I want it removed because it’s an intentional road block. Gaijin knows AP is under performing.

Have you played it at 9.0 and above? Because there every non-western vehicle starts getting buttloads of ERA.

Maybe buff solid AP instead? For lots of tanks, its the tanks only shell.

Plus the HEAT-FS grind above 9.0 is way worse, worse than the stock jumbo.

No I see what OP means.

He means only the solid AP round, no caps. No more letters after “AP”. The glorified cannonball.

Shells like the Shot Mk.6 that the 17 pounder uses. Or the M79 shot on the U.S 76mm M1.

These shells are just useless stock shells, in the case of the 17 pounder (and many other british guns tbh) you actually have 3-4 different shells to research before you get the one actual good shell and you never use the others again. The APC shell can be the stock shell and you still have to grind, while also fixing the defecit of “awful->mediocre->usable->good” that makes the grind for british tanks in particular pretty horrid.

So I can agree that removing, maybe not all, but some standard AP shells and revising the grind for those tanks a bit is a good idea. And obviously dont remove it if its the only shell that tank gets…

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I don’t think you realize how much I’ve pushed to fix these rounds. How much dozens of people have pushed to fix it. There have been numerous reports about AP. Numerous discussions. Numerous requests for response.

So what if it’s worse? HEATFS isn’t intentionally nerfed by Gaijin. And that’s not the point of this post. Make a thread complaining that HEATFS grind is bad. You focus on what you want, I’ll focus on what I want.

Yes, I have.

I’d rather a fix than a removal. What would happen to tanks that have AP as their only shell?

Just dont remove the round from those tanks?

So would I but if Gaijin refuses to fix them, as they have so far, what next?

Which tanks only have solid, uncapped AP?

I’m most likely off base here, Was watching that old gentlemen on youtube the brit tank museum the one that looks like albert… He was giving info on the Churchill and according to his data many carried HE more so over ap, I thought that was interesting.

Its because in real life churchills were designed to be Infantry support tanks, rather than designed to fight other tanks. (Thats why they are so slow, they only needed to go as fast as infantry could run) and so of coursed they carried mostly HE for anti infantry work. I think most tanks carried a lot of HE for that purpose. Even tanks such as tiger.

But in war thunder, there is no infantry, Only tanks. And so HE is mostly useless outside of those super lightly armoured open topped vehicles.

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Like what? I sincerely don’t recall…several tanks i use had an initial useless round and not just AP. Out of my head, one T28 had a HE round that only annoyed any armored target.
I know what you are talking about as i went trough the US and French tree having to research the APHE rounds before being able to fight…i just think your focus is wrong.
There should not be tanks with an useless stock round…100% agreement. But if AP is not working as intended, that is what should be fixed.
BEAR IN MIND…having a stock round that was “cheaper/more frequent” in real life makes sense to me…AS LONG AS IT IS USABLE.

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Many may have been a stretch but off the top of my head, I remember the Tiger 10.5 had a stock APHE that was removed. There were a few tanks that were removed from the game entirely because their guns were no longer viable.

Of course I would prefer Gaijin fix the issue. I have just come to realize that after 8 years of trying, it’s not likely to happen. Back in 2019, Gaijin responded that they would fix AP sloped performance but that was the last of it.

TBH…this is annoying for sure…i am presently spading some M24 (Japanese i think) and i am going trough the usual “uselessness” of the AP round, looking for unarmored targets and playing a lot as improvised SPAA and with air attacks…
BUT…after a few games i will unlock APCBC (again) and will forget the issue until some other tank has it…
IT IS annoying and not particularly fair as other tanks (Germans come to mind) have their best shell as stock…but not the biggest issue with game.
THAT SAID…i would support any change that would make the US 75mm equipped tanks (and similar) capable of fighting properly from day one :)