Remove prem account

Remove the premium account and make it to everyone with fair reward income.

Gaijin mistreats me with rewards for non prem account.

I get around 1,000-2,000 RP for a good top tier game, this game is corrupt and I dont want pay alot on the premium account.

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Sure, go propose a contract with Gaijin & be prepared to pay them their monthly expenses.


Define “good”

To me this is good

That’s not 2k, what would you think is a fair value?

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First of all, RP gains in GRB should be brought on level with ARB, in order to get 12k RP, you had to make 10 kills which is a pretty solid result.
Meanwhile in ARB, you actually get more RP for bombing two bases and getting a single air kill, go figure.


If they did that they have to charge people to buy the game

50€ per year (you will end up with some spare GE) is not a lot…

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For real man. Grinding in grb is so slow and painful compared to air rb.

wasnt it like 40 with like 20 extra days over a year or am i tripping hard

Can be 40, I dont remember. I always buy GE worth 50€ and during sale its enough for year premium and I end up with some spare GE.

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ogh yea i just buy prem directly and then buy ge or packs

Bruh, I get upper 3.000’s of RP in 8.7 matches (when I don’t get skull bashed by APFSDS from across the map when the enemy isn’t even rendered in) with a lower modifier. Also, not to mention, this is a FTP game, it’s your choice to or not to buy premium, they have to make money off the game or the game would no longer exist, so sorry on your luck, maybe it’s because you play terribly, but idk, so you tell me, it could be a number of things, if you don’t average at least 5 kills a game, that’s your problem. Not to mention premium account for this game is really cheap for what you get in return, yet I still play FTP, because I’m an avid grinder and enjoyer of this game (most of the time), and also like to keep my money for physical goods.

That’s more like an extraordinary game. Maybe that’s just skills, or luck, you never know, but I’m assuming you only died one time, so 10 kills and 1 death is amazing. Also, do you have premium/booster activated?

You get what you pay … sometimes you even need to pay attention before you pay … and sometimes if you don’t pay attention ingame even a premium account can help you.


Luck and game knowledge, I was stock but I was lucky because I was fully downtiered letting me penetrate their tanks.

I agree that 9 kills for the full bonus is extra ordinary, but I think most players can average 3-6 unless they’re have a sub average game.

The question remains though, what would an appropriate reward be for [x] kills?

Exactly, I average 5-6 kills in a match, like I said, when I don’t get BS’d by gaijin about face value penetration from enemy tanks, like how a BMP-1 front penned the Strv-103 C, it just skipped the heat fence, and apparently the minescule 330mm of pen allowed it to take my engine out and a Bradley that mega flaked shot 3 TOW-2s in my back, and also, same match, get taken out by a OF-40 that wasn’t even rendered in, sometimes gaijin just isn’t on my side, honestly right now I’m not even interested in the RP right now, I’m just grasping for the little bits of SL I can get to buy jets. The new mechanic of kills and boosting your rewards based on your kills is very very helpful however. Like, the best match of my entire 1100 hrs has to be the 0 death 14 kill 3 assist nuke game (in a PBV 501)

I mean, it’s quite ridiculous. You can feel like you’re doing next to nothing in ARB and get 10k+ RP for it, and then singlehandedly carry your team in GRB with 10 kills and get exactly the same amount of RP.
Absolute joke.

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It’s the payment model of the game.
Dev’s need salaries too. Servers need to be maintained. Offices need to be paid. Taxes need yo be paid. Prob lotsa more backend that has a proce tag too. It’s not like they can move on to another project since the game is constantly under development which makes one off prices like many other video games not possible.

What would you suggest as an alternative to all that?

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Its because like half of the rp gain in grb is time based. I got 10 kills in a match and got a little over 6k rp. 60% of which was from the time I spent in the vehicle. Each kill was only like 140rp

I think Gaijin loves pushing their monetization to the edges of customer abuse sometimes but you can be sure that the alternative to profitability is just shuttering the game and making something else. At the very least we are whaling our way to more content on the regular, even if it is laden with TERRIBLE, AWFUL EVENTS THAT NO ONE LIKES.