Remove prem account

Many would not pay to play WT as it currently is.
This would dry up the ah… “player base”, and those who do pay would no longer have easy, fresh players to kill.
Rebuilding the game into a purchase or subscription model isn’t possible for the above, much less that the whole convoluted hot mess simply can’t be done because its finely tuned to exploiting the free to pay model.

Yeah but it’s still really ridiculous. I’ve had nuke games with 10 kills and ~19 minutes of duration, and got 14k RP out of it, with maximum Skill Bonus included.
Meanwhile, as I said above, for a meh game in ARB (2 bases bombed + air kill) I got similar RP out of it, which seems totally unfair if you ask me.

As far as I can see it, meh performance in ARB is as rewarding as really good performance in GRB, which makes absolutely zero sense considering RP costs for vehicles are exactly the same between those two branches.

You can at least protest for regional pricing, literally the better option for you, Gaijin and Future user.

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try getting a job


People who play 80 games a week but say they vote with their wallet against the game will likely not pay no matter what.
Other people just don’t want to pay because they can’t. And others just enjoy lower tiers and live there happily for free.
The more enjoyable the game is without paying, the less reason you have to pay.

“A lot”. Wait for a sale and pay 20$ for half a year of premium. By doing that you also contribute to the upkeep of the game.