REMOVE or add a toggle on/off section for MIG23ML radar mode auto swap

As a MIG23 player I strongly suggest to either take out the auto radar switch mode which changes radar mode according to nose pitch or to add a toggle on/off button for this auto system. I really find this auto swap really annoying whenever you try to fight or chase someone while flying near the ground. MIG23 was a huge and beautiful aircraft, not too overpowered for its br, the best premium aircraft you could buy. Worth the 70 dollars price. But to be honest, since this new feature it really pisses me off and not only me but I’ve seen many other players complaining mid game, that they suddenly loose track while fighting or radar doesnt want to lock on or they can’t get into MTI mode. PLEASE GAIJIN, I strongly suggest to remove the feature or add an option for toggling it off/on. We who play MIG23 would appreciate it and let it continue to be a valuable aircraft worth the price!!!

Thanks for reading!


I am 100% sure that this is a bug because not only you can’t change the mode of radar to MTI (which is really crucial to MIG 23ML playstyle) but you also can’t change vertical search angle.

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They said on the patch notes that it is a “feature” they added


Wow, that is “nice feature” :/

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This is a bug that was fixed in todays patch.

I believe the MTI/Pulse switching is triggered by looking above/below the horizon now. This is historical to the MiG-23 IRL. I wont bother to find official documentation, but i am 100% sure Gaijin has it.

Auto-Swapping of radar modes is a feature they’ve been adding to all aircraft. Mig-23 is just one of the latest aircraft to get it. Tornado F3 and the Phantoms got it 3-6 months ago

I actually have no issue with it, I actually miss the Auto-ACM mode the F3 had, especially as that was an IRL thing. It was removed for “reasons”. A toggle on/off option may be best. Some people love it, some people hate it.

Though im loving the Mig-23 nerfs. they’ve been overperforming for a LONG time. Shame its taken 3 years

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So according to the new feature of auto mode radar for the Phazotron Sapfir-23 in the various MIG23.

If it is true that the new feature corresponds to an actual match of radar capabilities in real life, its an incomplete addition since in game the auto mode switch is always on and can’t be toggled ON/OFF.

Before we start, here is some basic information about the Phazotron Sapfir-23:

(Hs- altitude of the Mig-23, Hc- target altitude)

The N-003E contains of 44 parts weighting total 475kg. Main parts:
Antenna : 56kg
Impulse transmitter: 98kg (klystron type tubes)
KNP transmitter: 48.5kg (providing STT for R-23R)
Parametric amplifier: 8kg
AVM-23 analogue computer : 8.2kg

Radar scan limits in azimuth: ±56º
Radar scan limits in elevation: +52º, -42º
Peak power: 40kW

Basic performance data of the N003E:

The radar detects targets at altitudes from 50 to 25000 m flying at speeds from 500 to 2500km/h.

In real life operations for Mig-23ML/MLA/MF/MLD operating with a Sapfir-23 this feature could be TURNED ON OR OFF

As it states in the next legal and approved documentation:

The radar scan modes BSV, BSV-delta H4, BSV-delta H1, SMV, MV are switched automatically according to aircraft altitude Hs (DV-30 barometric probe) and the antenna position ”Delta H” switch. The scan mode BSV-SC can be selected manually by the pilot with the radar mode switch "BSV SC-R-BSMV switched to the BSV-SC position.
e.g. the aircraft is flying with its nose below the horizon (descending), but the antenna bearing is above the horizon. At altitude of 1500m the BSV mode changes to SMV automatically. If the antenna bearing is below the horizon at the same conditions (descend flight), at altitude of 1500m the BSV-deltaH1 mode switches to the MV automatically and vice-versa.
The BSV-SC mode hasn’t altitude limitations, the delta H switch doesn’t have an effect on it.
When the switch NAVED AVT/RUCHN is set to AVT, the radar mode selection is done automatically by the GCI datalink (ARL-SM). The radar scan patterns under GCI are better optimized due to known PPS/ZPS aspect. The one-way commands from GCI are displayed on special symbol indicator mounted on the ASP-23DE gunsight. Pilot can interrupt the GCI datalink anytime setting the switch to RUCHN.

To get a better understanding of these radar modes in real life here is the explanation to them:

The mode BSV for high/medium altitudes, all-aspect intercepts (Hc<>=Hs), pulse width ~4 µsec, PRF 1Khz, switching altitude Hs>4,5km, Beam width in search 2,5°. Scan patters depend on NAVED AVT/RUCH switch position. Beam width in STT 1.7°.

The modes BSV-delta H4, BSV-delta H1 for high/medium altitudes are useful for searching targets on earth background not using the Doppler shifts (MTI). For all-aspect intercepts, switching altitude is 4.5km>Hs>1,5km. It uses half/third PRF compared to BSV mode. The “differential compensator device” (DKP) filters false ground signals out. For greater search range the parametric amplifier can be switched on. The receiver sensitivity gains of 5-10% (dB/mW).

The modes BS (I BS, II BS, III BS) for high/medium altitudes are used for all-aspect intercepts (Hs<>=Hc) in case of false targets (clouds) and for picking up targets on earth background by using reference coherent signal received by radar side-lobes. The “III BS” mode has the largest search range of 65km, the “I BS” the smallest one of 27km. The most used mode is the “II BS” with 45km search range. The “III BS” mode works only as a search mode. The FFT Doppler filtering techniques are used to select moving targets flying on the earth background. The so-called “blind speeds” are overcome by changing PRF pulses during each scan line. More than 90% of “blind speeds” are covered, what ensures good MTI.

The mode SMV for medium/low altitudes, only rear-aspect intercepts (Hs<Hc), The switching altitude is Hs<1.5km, pulse width ~1 µsec, PRF 1Khz. The scan patters depend on NAVED AVT/RUCH switch position.

The mode MV is used to engage targets flying at low altitudes on the earth background. It is only for rear-aspect intercepts (Hs>Hc), The switching altitude Hs<1.5km, switch “Delta H”<0, pulse width ~1 µsec, Beam width in search 2,5°. The MV mode uses the MTI based on Doppler shifts.

To give a more clear idea of what im trying to state here is:

*The new addition is in fact a real system featured in the Sapfir-23 but as they added to the game its a mismatch of the real capabilities and how the system actually works, meaning that in their try to implement a real system they only not failed to do it properly but messed up the entire way the radar is supposed to work. How? You might be asking.

The first one, the auto switch mode for the radar is an option you need to toggle ON/OFF and it relays entirely at pilot’s discretion. If the pilot decides to use the auto switch mode he needs to toggle that “option/system” on, otherwise auto switch mode WONT work regardless aircraft pitch attitude.

*Second, the new auto switch system is completely innacurate as in games it relays on the radar position relative to the horizon, below the horizon it goes into MTI and above it goes into normal SRC mode. This is also innacurate as stated in the paragraphs before. The radar is supposed to enter MTI if at 1500M or below the radar is pointed below the horizon, meaning that any Sapfir-23 flying below 1500M pointing down MUST be in MTI mode. The problem we have now at game is that whenever you point a bit over the horizon at any altitude it goes into SRC mode and gets cluttered with mismatched terrain data loosing track of the objective. In real life Sapfir-23 has a mode to prevent this and give a more accurate track and readings. This mode is called SMV (go back to the paragraphs stated above for more info).

To sum all this up, in a try to implement a real life system into game. Gaijin not only failed but messed one of the most played aircraft at rank VII.

Gaijin developers, I really think and Im pretty sure I can speak for most of MIG23 players when I say that the nerf got a bit too far, making the MIG23’s barely playable for the BR they are at. I do get the nerf performance and its pretty fair to be honest but I would like you guys to reconsider the radar stuff, making an improvement on how the system works or any other necessary action. But as it is now, radar for the MIG23’s are really messed up.

Thanks for reading and your comprehension!


Except this feature screws Floggers extra hard. Think of “automatically switching” between Pulse and Pulse Doppler for, well, any other jet solely based on whether you’re aiming up or down. Which suddenly makes F-15 or Mig-29/Su-27 radars extra valuable as they don’t have Pulse mode unless snail decides to add one for luls.

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Thanks to those broken codes, you can still trigger SRC MTI, but with manual adjust the y axle of radar search and flying UPSIDE DOWN

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Funny enough, su-27/mig-29 radars are way worse exactly because of this change, since both radars can and constatly lock chaff(except on pd hdn) but funny thing is PD HDN only engange on targets that are further than 60~70 km and you can’t manually change anymore

This is not a bug. Some radar in real life have this automatic radar mode switching system to help the pilot.

which can be overriden, i’m still looking for my options to disable this

They haven’t added that feature. You can make a suggestion post on it.

I’m testing this out now

Well it doesn’t help when I’m really low and I have to aim to the ground to make mti work

I believe that’s how MTI works irl

Leave it to the Russians to have a bright idea and shit execution, as with everything.