Remove mixed matchmaking at TOP TIER AIR RB

Good , if USA destroys everyone maybe GAIJIN will actually realize how strong USA is and add competitors/nerf USA

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R73 is better. Its literally AIM9X. Flares work only if you preflare. Once R73 is launched and you didn’t preflare, its impossible to dodge.
I had an instance yesterday where the R73 was fired at me from the front, I narrowly dodged it, it did 180 and chased me down.
AIM9M can’t do that. Plus if AIM9M is fired at you from front or back, 1 flare will put it to the ground. Side shots are impossible to dodge, thats true.
R73 is a better missile.

Not to mention the Mig 29 gets a hypersonic missile while F-16 gets the now heavily gimped AIM7M(F). The bugged out F16C radar, which can’t hold lock for more than 5 seconds doesn’t help it either. AIM7M(F) now goes for aynthing but the locked target. It likes to explode mid air even with solid lock. TWS likes to get stuck trying to lock and its impossible to turn off the radar to restart it. TWS gets stuck on the edges of the gimble. The amount of time Mig 29 flies 8km at me closing in at 1,2mach, I try to lock and it locks a random friendly flying somewhere even outside my ACM boresight.

In conclusion Mig 29 is still a better plane with better missiles. You complain about losing all speed in a turn. Ever tried not being an S jockey, going full elevator all the time?
Maybe once the F-16 radar is ever fixed and the Sparrows stop being trash, maybe then you can start complaining.

In the game R-73 can be 1 tap flared at 2km+ dude what are you even talking about comparing to 9X lmao

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Sounds like HUGE skill issue to me

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only germany should be allowed to be facing itself and only when the western f4f ICE is added since that vs the eastern mig 29 9.12 should make a justified face off?


Sorry for opposite opinion, but what OP requests will cause severe disbalance and here is why…

Playing this pretty bs game from early OBT and back then there were theme based matchmaking with setups like: US+USSR vs Germany, US+RAF vs USSR, etc. (on much more interesting maps layouts to the word) And that was horrible. I still suffering from untreatable PTSD caused by fighting Bearcats and Cheatfires in my La-9. Or another constant scenario with climb-nerfed Fw-190s against in all aspects better already mentioned CheatCats (maybe except roll rate).

From my experience this game never was balanced and zero expectations to be balanced at all. Mixed battles is the only way to bring “balance” by mixing overpowered premiums like F-5C and forgotten disasters in each team.

Here is end of the WT history for my fellow balancers where unmixed battles already had taken a place and No No Not Again, see you next time ;)


I do remember the days when playing Germany with Mig-15bis would put me on the soviet side and playing CL13 would put me on the NATO side.
Ahhh, good old days.


wow they had that coded?
why the flip did they even remove historical matchmaking to begin with?
that was so cool.
maybe we need another WTPU

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War Thunder had lots of cool stuff, we lost over time either to cater to complaining newbies or for the sake of simplification to “cut costs”.

  • Historical matchmaker.
  • GE wagers.
  • Events such as Battle of Britain where you’d play Germany vs UK on a to-scale map with alot of players. You had to take full fuel with German fighters and above Cliffs of Dover you’d be at minimum fuel lol. That was so cool and immersive. People flew in formations with bombers.
  • True AIR RB EC with 32v32 players, drop in/drop out servers, multiple hidden airfields, PVE dynamic missions, 3h timer, respawns. Airfields had sections with ammo, fuel and hangars which could be destroyed by enemy bombers (real players). Each destroyed section would limit the team in fuel or ammo or repair times. You could actually, for the first time, play and enjoy attackers outside GRB.
    IT WAS A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

I might be looking at the wrong thing, but i still have these and got one relatively recently?

You may have GE wager in your inventory, but they stopped dropping a long time ago. Around 2021 I think.


Germany and China

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iirc, CL Mk.5 was part of red team at that time.

The reasons we have match making the way it is because we have too many people queuing for one nation since it’s so popular/OP(anytime a new best thing is added, it gets spammed)

And to help curtail high win rates.

We need this even more now, its a mess

Exactly. Mig-29 is useless

Instill remember them putting mixed MM on as temporary fix for long queue times after ruining any semblance of balance. Now every nation has something that can fight. Maybe not a perfect toe to toe, but good enough to be enjoyable with red vs blue.

It would make air tactics more viable as you could play to certain planes strengths instead of mirror matches.


A vehicle facing itself is objectively the purest form of balance.

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ah I remember when they added mixed, a bit after the T-2, they said it was temporary, they lied

however it is not what a good portion of the community considers fun and enjoyable