Remove Kugelblitz APCR and move it to 4.7

Low tier needs more enclosed Anti Air and there’s no need for this to be an IFV. Also move the Skink to 4.7 as well.


Just drop it to 6.7 where it fits a line up


nah just drop to 6.7 with current stats, it doesn’t belong at 4.7 with 2x mk103s


The reason the kugel and skink are so high br is because they have roof armor making it harder to kill them, 4.7 is an idiotic take. The kugel should go back to 6.7 without Hvap and the skink is honestly more 5.0 worthy.


because they have roof armor

That’s the whole point. Move enclosed SPAA down so the can actually shoot down planes.

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I said im fine with them going down, but 4.7 is dumb. Its a very capable spaa like the ZSD for china and honestly that thing is the btr zd but imo better yet much lower in br

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It’s a fault of the BR system that SPAA is judged on land kill effectiveness and AA ability forgotten, the BR is raised, and we lose a SPAA needed to balance CAS.
Typical of War Thunder all over lately. They destroy the careful balance of their own eco system, making silly, hasty changes with no thought given to knock on effects. Same with the French DCA.

Either lose the AP in SPAA completely or make two versions of the same vehicle at different BRs with and without AP.

WE need SPAA as SPAA primarily in the game right now.


I don’t see a problem with SPAA having low pen AP but why does the Kugelblitz need to be at 7.0 with a trash HE/HE/APCR belt that even got its pen nerfed. They nerf both the pen and the belt and still move it up. It’s even funnier now that they added the Fox at 7.0.

Yes the fox is underBr’ed but the fact is players are still using the kugel as a TD so itll keep staying there till gaijin does something.

I have never seen anyone get a single kill while using the Kugelblitz as a TD so its tank kills should be really low.

BR is done by computer and has no human element or real game relevance that is why its so hated. Any German vehicle player can see WW2 basically stops at 6.7 for Germany yet the Kugel sits out at 7BR where its zero use to that 6.7 line up but when did the Devs care a damn about line ups anyway?

The M42 and DCA ,and Kubel are three SPAAs that could exist twice in each line up with and with out AP and that would be six new SPAA is the game in a flash.

Me i still use it lol, its very pick and choose but with how many foxes have been running around ive been eating them up, sometimes if they dont get behind me first.

I agree though that the kugel should be 6.7 but its up to gaijin to do that

BR is done by computer and has no human element or real game relevance

That’s not true. If it was done by stats the VIDAR would have never stayed at 7.7 for so long.

The M42 and DCA ,and Kubel are three SPAAs that could exist twice in each line up

BR changed by loadout would be a good idea.

So the Fox brings out the Kubel and the kubel goes up to 7.3 as a result of the Fox ,see this is what I mean about action and reaction and Gaijin responding by raising BR robotically.

Lol, as if theyd bump up there money grabber right off the bat. As long as vehicles make money they dont touch them. Look at the turm 3

I know. I said it wasn’t done by a computer.

I think the fox is very strong because great gun, small, very fast. Sure its got no stabilizer but people forget about aize and such. Same reason the vbc pt2 is 9.0 the same br as the rcv 87 which the vbc has a stabilizer 2nd gen therms, LRF/WS and the type 87 has none of that, same gun but yet one is much better than the other.

It is true and we see line ups ruined all over the game. Look at the British Comet.3 years to my knowledge at 5.3 ,went up to 5.7 ,ahd no line up ,everybody dropped it and then it came down to 5.3 again.

Its armour and armament never changed during that time, it was the same tank but the silly stats came in as the factor and the thing went up then down as a result. Its pathetic and it destroy an already desperate nations line up.

at 7 the Kubel is of no use unless you want all the 6.7 to play at 7BR.

Time to stop this BR BS

I dont think a bot changes these, i think gaijin looks at the majority or statistics mixed with what the vehicle has and compares it without thinking too much. Like the lvkv 42, garbage as an spaa cause small ammo count, open top, poor velocity, slow fire rate. Yet the dca 30 is 5.3 because the crew are much better protected and it has a much better chasis and more ammo.