Remove helicopters and any guided rockets from arcade tank battles

These free revenge killing helicopters and planes with guided missiles ruining tank arcade. It is best to remove these free flying stuff all together from tank battles.
Please don’t tell me you like to fly helicopters and that is why everyone else must suffer your guided missiles from 3km distance killing spree.
gaijin - do you ever listen to players or only massive negative feedback gets your attention ?

Please use a thread about CAS that is already up. I did the legwork for you and provided the link. Trust me, they are aware that some players do not like CAS in ground forces games. They also do not being spawmmed by new threads about it. Please follow this link:

They said this several times and have stomped their foot on it.
Their Combined battles it is not a solely tank-only gamemode and there will never be one.
Gaijin made this very clear a couple of years ago and still often has to. To this day moderators, and admins retorting this. Whenever it is Arcade or Realistic Gamemode it will not happen.