Remove Fog from Air Battles?

  • Remove Fog from Air Battles
  • Keep Fog in Air Battles

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i don’t know how this was even added, blind as a bat, keep on running headfirst into terrain and anything without a radar is fucked

Keep fog, fix clouds. IR tracking seems to be entirely disconnected from where the clouds are actually rendered client-side.

(And add radar altimeter (AGL) I’m pretty sure like every jet ever had one)

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a radar altimiter still doesnt stop the fact that you cant see the great big dildo in the middle of the map before running into it


put your radar in SRC mode it should get a bunch of ground clutter that’s roughly where the mountain is

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IR missiles have a “warm up” period after exiting cold water vapor [clouds].
So there’s no disconnect.

fog is one type of cover for plane in the air. Giving us opportunity to plan how we want to attack the enemy. It is same as buildings trees and rocks in ground battle.

The fog is great. Its partly what we needed to get more AIR Battles going in Air RB instead of ground shadowing. I thinks its wonderful, we finally have dog fights off the deck. Or you slam into a mountain etc. Which is fine.

Then, explain how did you think it is fine that the fog is so thick that you can’t even see the mountain ridges or runway and it covers almost all of the map.

It is literally like forcing you to play the game blindfolded unless you climbed into space. It is worse than the night battles we had back then.


So then climb and fight normal instead of relying entirely on ground hugging. It is ok to fight in the air, in an airplane. It is ok to learn positioning, energy retention, etc. Not every fight has to be 3 feet off the ground.

Yes climb in top tier… amazing idea

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I do it all the time to drop missiles on top of people. Just pay attention to your RWR.

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I usually play old top tier jets such as Sabres and MiG-15bis, MiG-17 but, NATO team at that tier doesn’t have jets that has good high altitude performance iirc.

Climbing with Sabre and Hunter is really bad idea and puts you at a considerable disadvantage against MiG-15bis and MiG-17s, which have much better high-altitude performance.

In fact, even when the top tier was 9.0BR, players playing Sabre and Hunter mostly kept speed instead of climbing unless they were donkey or doesn’t know how MiGs has really good high-altitude performance.

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We need more climbing… This is after all Air RB… It would be nice to see bomber escort missions and other aerial battle style play.

right, then the R27ER will come in 5.8mah. You cant even react

The fog is insane.

I bet most of the people who say they like it fly bombers and attackers and are enjoying the fact that they are basically invisible unless someone almost crashes into them.

I’m not flying around in my prop plane trying to randomly find an enemy, only to get 3rd partied because that enemy is now spotting me for their entire team.

‘Borg’ spotting + fog is lame as hell.


Apparently you didn’t see my reply…
NATO team’s jets do not have better high-altitude performance than the MiGs so, thats means that if they fight at high altitude, they will almost certainly lose against MiGs. They were able to fight on equal terms against MiGs for the first time by keeping up speed and flying above deck, but the implementation of the Pyrenees map and the ridiculous fog made this even more hard.

There are no bombers to have to escort at 8.0-9.0 BR.
The Tu-4 has a pretty decent gunner and the Vautour IIA can be played as a fighter with a similar play style to the Hunter F.1. Camberra with 20mm cannons has insane turnrate so, it can beat against almost figheters at flat turning even MiGs.

The fog is a horror alright!


You realize you’re not alone.

There are also players who try to fly attackers in sim. Fat chance finding anything in that fog, or getting a missile lock. But I’m pretty sure those AI SIDAM’s still have perfect optical tracking to snipe you you even if you yourself have visibility around one mile and just se grey.

Also, we’d need NAVAIDS and ILS in such conditions…


Yep tried climbing got smacked by 27ER without even a chance to fire back with 7M

This annoys me more than most people since I actually crashed my Phantom on the Pyrenees map (or whatever it’s called) because the airfield and mountain in front of it were completely covered in fog.

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