Remove Auto Ticket Bleed from Air RB

Auto Ticket bleed is a disaster and prematurely ends a match during the most interesting gameplay.

At this point i have had dozens of matches that boil down to a 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 and after we all re-arm, the tickets automatically drop and the match ends.


Why would Gaijin take away the most fun and interesting moment in a match?

Air RB matches are already unreasonably short at the upper tiers. What is even the point of a match timer if auto ticket bleed is just going to force a match to end?

Im fine with planes hitting ground targets to manually bleed enemy tickets. Especially if the enemy is camping their airfield or is just taking forever to re-arm. Thats the point of tickets in Air RB.

Auto ticket bleed really needs to go away.


Agreed, it contributes nothing to the game and just makes it worse and more annoying. ONLY players should have the ability to drain tickets by killing enemies or completing objectives.


Much of the ticket bleed in air RB is actually from the objectives doing thier thing… It’s part of the reason people get peeved at spaceclimbers and fail because they fixate on them rather than trying to do the objectives to get those tickets down.


People could abuse this an infinitely respawning targets to farm.

They dont respawn that fast and its up to the enemy team to actually do something about it…

I agree.

Luckily they removed the city map (with airspawn). On this old variant you can’t rtb with a ticket disadvantage because the ticket bleed quit the battle.

At all other maps the disparity of KI decides the battle. If no plane in your team able to kill the Yak38s your done, and there are maps where KIs crash into ground.


Although i agree with you in general, the auto ticket bleed is at least in prop Air RB matches just another factor you have to consider whilst playing.

With some experience it is manageable - depending on map know-how (so if you know what causes the bleed) and your actions against to stop it whilst fighting other players.

  • You describe late match fight on equal numbers and that ai bleed ends matches - before player interactions can end the team fight. Both is imho rather rare - usually very long lasting matches are marked by playing 4 vs 1 or 1 vs 4.

  • But using your 2 vs 2 example: You lose due to auto ticket bleed - caused by what? This is from my pov on “newer” maps mainly caused by this ai plane nonsense - i simply don’t like them and their rather high game/ticket impact combined with their “borg-spotting” feature they just telling the enemy where you are.

  • So it is most likely that you lose those matches based on the reason that one of the enemy players farmed all of your ai planes (in order to spade his plane) and your own team was too focused on player kills.

Whilst sharing your view your the annoyance of auto ticket bleed i would like to ask you what be your solution based on the current state of the game?

I mean deleting ai planes would be the easiest way, but can can you imagine what kind of feedback would come from the community? Farming ai planes and base bombing is one of the easiest way to grind or spade aircraft or even to participate in Air RB - it is highly unlikely that gaijin would consider such a step.

Some years ago we had just a a few maps with ai planes (I remember Berlin with Tempelhof airport and some Pacific maps) and just on Pacific maps there was a need to kill them.

Now you are forced to kill them to avoid quick ticket defeats like on Tunisia and the game is flooded with people playing PvE with pointless base bombing and others trying to farm these PvE players.

Air RB was transformed into a grinding tool for Ground RB, so imho your addressed issue is just the logical consequence of gaijin’s decisions to satisfy grinders without real interest in playing Air RB as a mode to fight other players…

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For me the best ticket system is on EC maps.
Bombers are usefull, no auto ticket bleed, and if your team made enough tickets, you can win the battle even against a horde of enemies.
The only annoying thing are the super fast KI planes, you can’t catch them even with a top tier plane.

The worst example of this is the upper tier City map. You can basically have half your tickets left along with the enemy team having half theirs and you go back to rearm and the tickets just drop out of nowhere.

I think the solution is just to remove auto ticket bleed from air rb. You don’t necessarily need to remove any AI aircraft but the only thing that ahould contribute ticket bleed is player action - bombing bases, farming AI, etc.

I don’t think removing all AI in air rb would be very popular.

If they actually introduced an Air RB EC mode with rollying objectives and longer match timers, respawning, etc, maybe AI contribution to ticket bleed can be implemented.

But in the current team deathmatch Air RB with matches that are already super short, auto ticket bleed is dumb.

Like i said about. It robs us of the best part of the match. The 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3, etc. It also promotes airfield aaa camping because if the enemy isup on tickets, all they have to do is wait it out and the AI will do the work for them.

It’s aweful gameplay design for a team deathmatch type of gameplay.

I think we talk about the same, but with different perspectives.

The main question is imho “what causes these out of nowhere bleeds”? And after knowing that “How can this be changed?”.

So as long this is not clear, gaijin can’t solve this issue as without knowing the root cause there is no way to make a constructive proposal.

Just asking “stop bleed” is imho on the same level as “give me more SL/RP for x action” - often comprehensible but rather complicated to address without seeing the whole picture/dependencies of different mechanics.

I am sorry for your lost matches - but we all have these experiences. Usually gaijin will most likely claim that these things are statistically seen not relevant.

Imho those sudden ticket drops are just a clear prove for the total absence of any kind of Quality Control and professional testing of maps. A lot of players have created countless posts in the old forum (pinned map feedback thread), but it looks like they got ignored, same as bug reports.

A few examples:
  • Things get really funny if the game is over, the timer is at 0:00 and your 180 point ticket lead get turned into a 20 point ticker defeat. The ticket is closed with “not a bug” - i mean either their timer keeps running for a few seconds with 0:00 game time and accepts ground ai interactions (imho a bug) or they have no clue what is wrong…

  • I just came out of a match which ended after 10 minutes (BR 3.7) and for me, it looks like that ai planes were responsible for my 83:0 ticket win. Typical match, nobody climbed and i found after ages a guy trying to pitch up, thanks to real shatter 3.0 i scored no kill and i had to extend in order to gain some separation from his teammate behind him - and out of nowhere tickets on both sides dropped like hell.

  • Imho those things happen due to sloppy map adjustments - they upgrade old maps and are simply unable to adjust important parameters. My 83:0 happened on the “Battle of the Rhine” map, a very old map with idk 2.900 tickets and famous for 32 railroad car kills with one drop. They upgraded the tickets some years ago to 7.600 tickets without changing anything - so they inflated tickets and added some kind of leverage to base/ground kills in order to create the same outcome.

  • Within the last update they changed the map layout from 3 to 4 bases and created these stupid point and click frontline to please PvE players and added ai planes. Imho they simply forgot to adjust their changes to ticket counting which created this imho undeserved and actually totally surprising ticket win.

  • I mean on all other maps my 10x 60kg bombs damage a respawning base to 75% - u need 13 to kill a base. And here and on Rocky pillars my 0,228 tons of TNT can kill a base with a usual 0,8 tons of TNT requirement.

  • Or fly on Saipan or Iwo jima for Japan; both maps have an auto-ticket win for US teams - if one guy is running you can’t win.

  • Or play on the revised Kuban map - if the enemy team has ai Il2s, all you have to do is to survive 18 minutes - the few remaing enemies get overwhelmed by your late spawning Hs 129 (“duck”) ai planes - they are able kill 2.000 enemy tickets in a few minutes. I created a bug report due to this, but they simply ignored the report and just upgraded this old map with their standard “3 bases small maps” layout.

It boils down that they don’t care …

This dot spotting is imho not suited to have a few rather quicker matches - and tbh there are imho better simulators available - i flew Il2 20 years ago, but not only due to convenience issues Air RB is my clear favorite.

I watch from time to time matches of a friend in prop and top tier matches - and watching this is a perfect recipe to fall asleep. Checking the SB threads it looks like you have the choice between grilled by op B-25 gunners or crushed by cheaters at top tier, so i am happy with props in Air RB.

Thx for your recommendations, but as outlined above the product Air RB is with all its flaws the best offer for me.

If you play just for fun and accept that the changes within Air RB in the last years reduced the outcome of most matched to a more or less random event, i am happy if i manage to win 1 vs 3-4, but i am not sad if i can’t turn the match.

I believe we do know what causes it.

Auto Ticket Bleed is caused by AI aircraft and AI ground forces destroying each other.

Simply put: AI actions should NOT have an impact on tickets for Air RB.

I understand that Gaijin wants PVE players to contribute something to the match and Im fine with having AI elements in game that stock players or players that do more PVE passive gameplay can farm for points.

However, Gaijin has stated several times that PVP is the focus of Air RB and not PVE. Auto Ticket Bleed contradicts this exact statement and it prioritizes PVE actions over PVP actions.

This mechanic provides nothing to the game and just punishes those that have survived. If someone is actively hitting ground targets, then yeah…that active action should contribute to ticket bleed but not some leftover AI aircraft…

If Gaijin wants a more passive mode where AI contributes to the match outcome then please add a separate Air RB EC mode or a separate PVE mode.

Keep regular Air RB a hardcore PVP mode.

Even assuming they said this - their actions simply prove the opposite.

Just look at the spam of PvE players in 70$ premium strike aircraft, check the last Battle Pass or event planes or the current introduction of the F-111. They are mainly used in Air RB by tankers in order to grind SL/RPs as the economy is way better than in Ground RB. Just look at the base respawn time discussions.

So making Air RB a highly attractive grinding tool just with PvE actions and compared to PvP rather low skill requirements, is imho not really supporting claims that they focus on PvP.

Create a poll.

Im just having a discussion. If you want a poll, then you create one, rather than telling me to.

They have said several times that Air RB’s focus is PVP but i do agree that Air RB is predominantly geared towards grinding.

Gaijin’s true focus and enthusiasm seems to be with Ground RB and rightfully so. The core game mode design is really good.

Ive created several other threads on here discussing how i feel Air RB should have an additional mode like EC with respawns or should have a spawn point respawn mechanic in some form, similar to ground RB but that is not the point of this post.

This post is simply to state that Auto Ticket Bleed helps nobody. It doesn’t do anything for grinders. It hurts the PVP community, and is a net negative for the game.

Yes let space climbers keep space climbing for hours.

That’ll be kinda hard with 25 minute matches…

If someone is space climbing then hit ground targets youself to bleed them of tickets.

Oh and with Auto Ticket Bleed, that space climber gets to have AI do the rest of the work for them after theyve gained an initial ticket advantage.

Then do your job and engage ground targets. You literally can go land at an airstrip, wait till repairs or whatnot is done, J out and then add bomb to the plane before going on your way.

Please read through the thread. I don’t think you’re understanding what’s being discussed since we are saying the same thing.

Oh I have, you individuals want auto ticket bleed to go bye-bye cause little AI’s make the game go faster. Here’s a better idea, shoot the enemy AI planes, bomb, or strafe them. Simple. It saves everyone’s time except the ones who make a forum post demanding it to be removed/disabled cause they feel NPCs shouldn’t have an effect. On what is meant to be a large-scale warzone. Where one side is sending in their finest pilots to engage the enemy’s Elites.

As John stated create a poll explaining what should be changed that would benefit all sides that play ARB. If you are going to B & M, I’m purposely abbreviating both words to keep it as friendly as possible.

But to get back on topic this discussion is little more than a waste of space clogging polls that are purposely trying to suggest what should be changed with a transformative point of view. Put some effort, don’t make a rant for a post then claim it is a discussion.

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Excuse me. You’re the one ranting here buddy.

Auto Ticket Bleed adds nothing aside from forcing a shorter match.

You’re saying removing auto ticket bleed helps space climbers!? Thats a joke. Space climbers are the ones who benefit from Auto Ticket Bleed because they use it to do the work for them. So they can space climb and the AI will finish what they started. Its a trash mechanic that may have worked 8 years ago but doesn’t fit at all today.

If you want a poll so bad then make one yourselves rather than “B & M” about this post whilst providing absolutely ZERO constructive points as to why Auto Ticket Bleed is a good thing. And on top of that you’re getting worked up like a 5 year old who didn’t get his way.

Your hostility to this makes me think that you’re one of the ju-288 premium space climbers that only hits AI or bases and then runs back to his af cover.

If that’s how you play the game, good for you. I’ve made extremely long, detailed posts (AND POLLS) of how there should be a separate Air RB EC mode that caters to more passive gameplay but this post is NOT about that.

This is about Auto Ticket Bleed.

If all you want is super quick matches so you can grind with your premium, trust me…as someone who has every plane in the game…its not worth it.

Enjoying the gameplay is worth far more of your time than just the grind. And auto ticket bleed prevents the end of match enjoyment.

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