Remove all missiles above 10G under BR 9.7

these missiles are literally OP from BR 9.7 down, against all those without flares. this BR has a horrible compression, because you go from having planes with obsolete avionics and missiles that can barely follow the target, to missiles that are impossible to evade because you have no countermeasures or too little maneuverability to evade them. in 10 games I’ve tested this thing in, I keep dying from A-10 A-6 A-7 F-104J Harriers, all with missiles above 10G, and mig-21s, and any other aircraft with no flare is literally devastated by these missiles. I wonder the sense of creating such a gap, sincerely from the BR decompression table I expected to see improvements to improve the situation, but they did nothing, in fact they will make things even worse by putting F-104J and F-8E(FN) at 10.3 the first and 10.0 the second, so the poor players of 9.3 and 9.0 will be able to die thanks to the aim-9P (20G) of the 104, Matra R550 Magic 1 (35G), Matra R530E (15G), matra R530 (15g) of the F-8E(FN). These are things done without using your head! moving 2 planes will compromise many of them, it will be fun to see the MIG-21F13, MIG-19PT, LightningF6, G91Y, G91YS, F-100D, F3H-2, F-104A, F-104C die without understanding who shot them and from where .


For the most part, not wrong… Though A-10, A-6, harrier are all BR9.7 and above already. So, technically, this is already the case. Uptiers suck, but unfortunately un-avoidable without BR decompression.

Now the All-aspects like 9Ls and R-60Ms that you’ll encounter at that BR do suck the most out of all them, but just being “High-G” doesnt by any means make a missile OP against no CMs. I’d say at that BR bracket (9 ish) the bore-sight is more important. Being able to lead your shot helps massively. 9Bs and Red tops are fairly evenly matched in performance at the moment, but being able to lead your shot, evenly slightly, does help score a kill. On the flip side, an ultra High-G missile, like SRAAM, whilst very effective when used right, currently has extremely short range and if you are faster than the hunter F6 or Harrier Gr1, then its fairly easy to avoid.

yes but if you think about it all those I mentioned as A10 A6 Harrier all have countermeasures, so even if I had IR missiles on par, they would have the advantage of being able to evade easily by shooting a flare. all the planes I have mentioned do not have any countermeasures, and if they are already suffering now, as soon as the modification is made they will suffer even more. they have to decompress and compare the planes with an intelligent criterion, also based on the armaments, and performance of the plane.

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