Remove Aim Assist - It's anti-competitive

Console players (and PC who know how to do it) have a key bind that automatically tracks planes and auto-aims to the perfect lead … which means all the player has to do it click the fire button and it’s a guaranteed kill within 1km.

This is the most anti-competitive system in the game and it needs to be removed because this is quite literally no different than using an aimbot.

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Uh, no. It doesn’t work like that.

It is a target track, that’s it. The player still has to do their own ranging and leading. It also seems to have been nerfed in regards to total range and requiring current FoV, which is fine.


It does not aim for you, it just tracks the plane. You do not know how it works.

I’d rather the same system be added to PC than for it to be removed from console.


I have tested it myself, it auto-leads the target to a nearly perfect lead amount at 1km. Go and key bind it yourself and do a test drive and you will see for yourself.

it doesn’t give you lead, it just gives you perfect tracking, which is still quite overpowered, far from fair but even further from aimbot, should be removed IMO because the SPAAGs like gepard are powerful enough without aim assistances

I play mostly on console, fella. I don’t need a lesson from you. I am very aware of what it does and its’ limitations.

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It’s also been seemingly nerfed this last update. Lesser range and requires the aircraft to be within your FoV. It’s become quite balanced out now, frankly.

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Agreed on principle across all platforms and all games - Aim Assist was never needed, scrubs need to get gud.

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ULQ is playing with a handicap.
Ultra settings gives you best visibility of targets.

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Maybe in some time he will learn that You can get even better visibility by changing some settings.

Try VR - it’s like playing against Klingons with cloaking devices

Also aim assist is not the same as ULQ - poors still have thumbs

I was forced to play on ULQ in 2021 when my GPU went off for RMA.
The moment I could play on Ultra settings again my performance went back up.
ULQ was playing the game on hard mode.

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It’s essentially a built-in cheat for console players. Until Gaijin disable crossplay, console players will always have a significant advantage in a game that wants to be “E Sports” … what a joke.

It is not, because using a controller is a disadvantage.

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Are you daft or genuinely too ignorant to read? I’ll break it down Barney-style for you.

Target track only help grugg track target. Grugg still has to find target first.

Grugg still must lead aim himself.

Grugg still must range himself.

Grugg still miss if Grugg no lead or range.

Simple enough for you to comprehend, right?


Also, this is objectively false in entirety.


If only you knew the stress of getting everything you need binded on console…

Like getting radar locks, switches and ranges binded…

Hoo boy.

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It doesnt aim for you all it does is target track