Removal of Crew Lock

I get it, crew lock was put in place to deter single death leaving. Clearly that doesn’t matter to literally any of the people who do this, seeing as they only bring one vehicle (a premium, usually) and as such don’t suffer from being crew locked.
Yet I am forced to continue to spawn after my entire team has been wiped off the face of the map just because I brought in a full lineup?
The amount of times my entire team loses the first engagement (in their premiums, so they leave the match) and leaves me (pushing to the objective still) and three of my teammates (who spawned SPAA or are hill camping in our own spawn) is ridiculous.
Again, why punish the person who actually prepares for a full game and gets ruined by crap matchmaking and terrible teammates?


Dont leave battle that early and you wont get crew lock

But but but…

I dont care


Well, you said it yourself, to deter single death leaving. Since you do bring a full lineup, the system locks your crews to deter you from leaving. If the game you’re in has deteriorated that badly and isn’t worth spawning again, then leave. Crew lock isn’t that bad unless you rushed in and died immediately. You aren’t forced to spawn though, just leave and play a single game with another nation and then come back to the locked crew afterward. That’s what I do when I’m not feeling the game I’m in anymore. Easy peasy.

The matchmaker is random and so are your teammates. It is a grab bag of what and who you will get. Keep in mind this isn’t a competitive game in the normal modes, so the matchmaker reflects that. Everyone gets games with bad teammates, and everyone gets games with good teammates. Nothing unusual here.

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They’ve actually made it so once enemies are marked on the map you can leave without penalty. And if you’re literally the only one left just not spawning is gonna trigger the no active players left thing.

I fully agree about it sucking because it’s so easy to work around by just bringing less vehicles. Maybe add a minimum 3 vehicles needed in a lineup to enter modes with multiple spawns?

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Crew lock is necessary, when you have a playerbase that’s looking for the first excuse to leave every match, instead of just playing the game.


main problem with crew lock is with air RB if you accidentally crash early in the match it counts as you bailing and crew locks you, had it happen to me when my controller died on me.


Crew lock never served any purpose beyond limiting your progression, people not to stop defending this stupid feature that mostly punishes players.


What’s even dumber is that you are forced to 1 death leave the next match because of crew lock. It makes no sense.


That’s the point, it’s supposed to reduce your progress and punish you if you leave the game early

By costing you tens of thousands of SL by you getting stomped after your entire team vanishes and you still have 5+ more vehicles in your lineup? Sure seems like a way to get people to put less vehicles in their lineup and have a worse impact on how your games go due to more people bringing less vehicles in.

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It is so obvious that i dont get why the doubts. Leaving the match must have some penalty so players don’t do it on a whim. EVERY player that leaves will make his team weaker and penalize other players…and then he will say this:

This is beyond IRONY. This post is actually asking for an EASIER way to be a terrible teammate…

Players will rationalize any selfish decision they make…and always claim they have the right and reason to do so…and then complain when others do something else FOR THE SAME REASONS. Hell…some players (like example above) will not even realize that they do what they complain about (on others)…

I AM NOT SAYING that crew lock is well implemented and whatever…BUT IT MUST EXIST or some other “penalty” to make players think twice before leaving a match. Leaving a match early will cause balance, matchmaking and game fun issues for all players in the match…no matter how valid or how justifiable players say it is…

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Just play multiple nations, so you can play something else while crew of said nation is locked. We all know gaijin will not remove crew lock, so find some other way to break the system.

Yeah because that’s only way you can get crew locked. Got more smartass ideas?

I said I dont care

I Agree its just annoying how you get crew locked in air RB if you crash by accident. air RB shouldn’t even have crew lock to begin with since you only get one life anyways

Me watching as i get a 10 minute crew lock

(My packet lose spiked and i was thrown into the ground like a wiffle ball on a windy day)

Please inform me of how else you get crew locked besides crashing your plane.

*controller dies * yay just what I wanted, useless crew for 10 minutes!

J- out and crashing (via a teammate or by accident) is only way to get crew locked

Play an other nation, break the system.