Removal of Crew Lock

Why are you even posting here to begin with

Random no name premium retard rams into you, you get crew locked. Server crashes, you get crew locked. Game ends too quick, you get crew locked (lol)

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I guess that works but it doesn’t make it any less annoying

if the game ends quickly you don’t get crew locked, crew lock only last 10 min or until the mission ends

Can’t get crew-locked if you run a 1 vehicle line-up.
Taps forehead

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Has happened to me multiple times

strange then as its not supposed to happen

They will leave anyway and specially if they have another nation to play to. Mby its reducing some and reducing crashes at realistic air, mby. Still, its bad mechanice i think


Left match after 12 mins of game and 4 deaths… 9 minutes of crew lock
Left match after 9 mins with 3 deaths and nothing left to spawn… 6min crew lock#
Left match after 3 deaths only SPAA with nothing on it to spawn in a game with less than 1k points left…9 min crew lock

Those are just from the 15 geames I played today.

Crewlock should be removed. It does not work. Not a single player stayed in a match longer because of crewlock. Most people i know have 4 to 5 nations under lock at any given time they play.
Then there are the countless bugs.
It just prevents you from playing the game. Punishes you for gaijins inability to make a game which people want to respawn ing and it DOES NOT reduce leaving of matches in any way shape or form and never will be able to.

Simple as that

Be a new player
Buy top tier premium
Bring nothing else
Spawn once
Make the game worse for everyone
No crew lock.

Be an actual player
Grind out tech tree after 5 years
Bring an entire lineup
Team of premium players all left, outnumbered now
Get overrun by the enemy
Get spawncamped
Get bombed by CAS
Get shot by heli ATGM
Crew lock
Don’t get rewarded for your time
Less SL and RP as the one death leaver
Repaircosts bleeding all your earnings
Waste of itme
Buy premium vehicle instead
Spawn once, die, leave.

What amazing game design.

Imagine anyone defending this.