Removal of chat timer

I have no reason to ignore you, that other guy was asking how to do it.

I agree. The chat timer serves no purpose. If you want to stop abuse, racism, etc. then ban the words. The current system doesn’t accomplish that purpose anyway, it just slows it down. If you want to stop chat spamming, then have a system that blocks people from saying the same thing in chat repetitively. If you just don’t want to hear the same guy in chat, then mute him.

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imagine being one of the people on this threat arguning for the timer to stay or increase in a TEAMBASED PVP GAME.


Notional teambased game. Most often its just team deathmatch of little edge lords and manbabies.

Only time I type is to report enemy positions which are often changing very quickly. Annoying to get hit with the chat timer when trying to use it appropriately l.
Meanwhile people still use slurs and other toxic chat. And the radio has next to no CD so that can be spammed and is far more irritating to me than the chat window.

If people are offended by chatting they can grow up or mute.

That isn’t using it appropriately since there are map markers, pins, and quick chats that are not only faster to use but also auto-translate to other languages.
If you really need to send paragraphs of text to your squad, then get voice chat.

Dude, it was added because people kept spamming stupid comments related to ->Ukraine, believe some started to spam Israel, the chat system became a weapon for the community in the context and was simply used to piss off Russki’s who wore the Z on their tank or heck even those slapping PRC symbols were targeted just not as much.

If you want it removed then go tell the rest of the community to remain civilized and not barbaric.

If you want to stop chat spamming, then have a system that blocks people from saying the same thing in chat repetitively.

Spam does not have to be the same exact thing. It’s just any large amount of irrelevant/unhelpful noise in a short period of time. Usually they are intentionally typing out every sentence differently, but just being completely annoying and unhelpful and talking the whole game instead of actually shooting tanks and contributing.

If you just don’t want to hear the same guy in chat, then mute him.

Can’t mid-match, because unlike him, I’m actually busy contributing, not chatting and messing with chat settings. The timer makes the match bearable until the end when I can blacklist him.

There’s just legitimately useful no reason why you EVER need to send 4 paragraphs of text in the middle of a match in one minute.

I don’t play in a squad.

I can’t communicate heli and jet locations and directions easily with the built in game communication. Chat is also built in feature by the way. So not sure why you are saying I am not using it correctly.

You’ve given your opinion. Others are voicing theirs. Not sure why you feel the need to come in here and rudely argue with multiple people who have a different opinion

I like team communication a lot. If you remove chat, then a large component of online gaming goes with it. Other games have tried to limit chat extensively in the past, and those games are dead.

I literally cannot think of a single time in the last 200 matches or whatever my brain would pull up, where a person effectively helped their team by writing multiple sentences that couldn’t fit into one message in chat. (If it did fit into 1 line, it means it would be irrelevant to the chat filter)

What are you even theoretically typing that is 1) Useful to your team, not annoying and distracting to them, and 2) Blocked by the filter?

I haven’t seen an example of the chat filter not functioning.

That’s all I’m seeing in your paragraph hahaha

That’s not a quote of mine, you just lied about it being one. Cool argument, just making up random nonsense people didn’t say.

I’m implying what your argument is.

Edit: This conversation requiring multiple messages to establish an understanding is my example of a long string of chat. Thank you for participating in my demonstration.
I have also hit a forum filter where I can’t communicate again for 21 hours.

Edit2: >I love censorship. I love democracy.
If you don’t even know how to use quotes on webforums for amplifying discussions, then you might be an absolute nuub. lol
Edit3: It’s not unnecessary. You came into the thread debunking everybody’s claim that more than 1 string of chat is necessary when everyone here is claiming they have experienced the chat filter when trying to communicate key information. You walked passed the whole thread to take a huge dump on it and target me for some reason. Frankly I don’t expect a player in a historically accurate game using a female avatar to ever agree with me about chat rules, but I entertain you anyway to see if I can teach you something. Obviously it’s impossible, but there’s no harm in trying.
Edit4: I don’t know why lefties are so afraid of communication. To me that’s the main point of playing a multiplayer game. We used to have these things called instant messenger programs like ICQ to just chat endlessly. There were chat rooms galore a long time ago. There were all kinds of cool different chat programs that used different formats. You will never know what it was like on the internet before facebook.
Edit5: >achieving nothing productive
Inserting fantasy for fact again are we?

Edit6: Anybody that replies to me. I can’t reply to you in line for 21 hours because I’m new to the forums.

@A_Cute_Chihuahua There’s no such thing as toxic chat. It’s a new term meant to insert harsh censorship rules while condemning portions of the playerbase that aren’t pandered to with identity politics. It’s called TRASH TALK. There’s no harm in trash talk. Just because you don’t hear it on the tv when watching sports doesn’t mean it doesn’t go on. In junior leagues in sports, if the ref hears you cussing, he might penalize you, but that doesn’t happen in pro-leagues or even older leagues. It’s for kid leagues. lol Trash talk is inherent to any competitive environment. It’s FUN!!!

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That makes zero sense.

Anyway, thanks for confirming you can’t think of a single example of long strings of chat actually being helpful to the team.

I have also hit a forum filter where I can’t communicate again for 21 hours.

See? Chat timers are great. They stopped a series of unnecessarily confusing misquotes, derailing comments, and insults that were achieving nothing productive.

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I don’t know where people see these things. I very rarely see people chatting much in matches, let alone making racist statements. I see an actual chat maybe once every 10 matches or so.

I’m too lazy to check your stat card, but if you mostly play lower or mid BRs, it’s a lot less common to see toxic stuff than at higher BRs.

I participate in the Ingame chat by calling out enemy Heli’s and Jets mostly.

For me personally, it’s important to let your teams AA and own CAS know, where the enemy is coming from (example: Heli, 250,low)

It’s not much, but useful for your team to let them know the threat, rough direction and height.

Because of me playing mostly hightier, there’s sometimes a plethora of Heli’s and fast mover up, so the chat timer is becoming annoying…

Regarding the “racial slurs”… Just report them.

It’s getting old to read those statement over and over again, but no one wants to deal with it by reporting, but rather wants to keep on whining about this issue.


I play almost exclusively Sim EC, and there we comunicate a lot with radio messages and pings, less for tactical necessity. What I do moderately often is inform Blues about a concrete thread to be found somewhere.

But - and this I see occasionally in Sim EC - chat is also used to really discuss matters, and I like it especially when blue and red together exchange tips and ideas on how to improve the gameplay, do this and that.

Of course the negative chat is there as well, but we can handle that…

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