Removable Electro-optical APS module as a "modification" for Puma

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The German Spz Puma IFV can remove its Electro-optical Active Protection System (APS) module for various reasons, including maintenance, repair, or to reduce weight for certain missions. This feature allows for flexibility and adaptability based on the operational needs of the vehicle and the environment in which it is deployed.

In War Thunder, the ability to remove the Electro-optical APS module would enhance the realism and tactical options available to players. Like real-world scenarios where the APS module might be temporarily disabled or removed for specific purposes, this allow players to choose according to their specific needs.

This added level of realism would allow players to choose a low profile approach or a protection orientated configuration or any other needs. Additionally, many players would like the ability to choose whether to install/uninstall the Electro-optical APS module due to its tall profile.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 144221

Top: Installed E-APS module / Bottom: Uninstalled E-APS module


German Spz Puma IFV without the Electric-optical APS module installed


I wrote a suggestion for this, seems yours was in the works as well hehe.
Regardless, +1 from me.
Needed for more ‘STELTH


this is actually a very interesting idea i would like to see this +1 from me

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gave us a lower BR Puma without the MUSS (an early Puma), and a Puma with MUSS and MELLS and a higher BR(Puma S1)

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