Relation of the amount of bombs used to SL

Hey there!
i just unlocked the Su17M4 and its 500kg bombs…
so happily i brought them into my first battle and just realized that i would get less SL by killing 1,5 bases with the 500kg bombs (2.09 tonns dmg) wich gave me ~11k sl then by using the old layout of 10x100kg + 6x250kg bombs, (0.922 tonns dmg) but gave me round about 16K SL… could anyone explain me how the base damage converts to sl? or is it just the amount of bombs? or really just explain me this weirdness over all? thank you for taking the time!
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Each loadout have its own modifier for reward.

It’s called small bomb bonus.

Best example - non-repawning base at BR 2.7 to 4.7:

  1. U need 0.5 tons of tnt to kill a base
  2. If i drop my 800 kg bomb with 0.426 tons of tnt the base is not killed
  3. If i drop 9 (out of 10)x60 kg (0.25 tons of tnt) on the same base i kill it.

Usually the more and the smaller the bombs u drop u need less tnt output to kill a base and get a higher income. There are some exceptions of this rule, but only if you compare premium with tt planes…

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