Reinforced flares don't do their job

I continue to encounter problems with the reinforced flares, which seem to have lost their effectiveness even with missiles that previously took little to evade. I noticed this detail when in 3 games in a row I saw 2 aim9Ls launch from the enemy fighter, then I used 2 salvos from 2 reinforced flares, and the missile ignored them, then I used another salvo, but this time I fired 6 and the missile completely ignored these too. Cue what happened to me against PL-5s. Were there changes that I missed in any updates where they changed the effectiveness of the flares?

Flares are not a magic system, you have to change your flight pattern when you use them : cut afterburner and turn to reduce your IR emission.

I did it with the normal ones, but with the reinforced ones I saw that it wasn’t necessary and precisely the sacrifice of not having the chafs to have a reinforcement for the flares gave me the possibility of having more safety in evading the missiles, but now it seems that something has changed

First of all the AIM9L is still a very strong missile. Fired straigth from behind at short distance most of the time they ignore everything. It’s something about the angle of the seaker head. The angle is so small that the missile can’t see anything else than the engine.

But i think the same way that gaijin changed something a while ago. Maybe there are no reinforced flares anymore and it’s only double the amount per pop.
But who knows…

Regular flares now take a short period to get to maximum heat output, so when missiles are shot at very close range, they may be unable to fool the missle. Reinforced just means more flares are shot off at once and so do not affect missiles shot at close range.

the boffo propably means the difference between flares and large caliber flares

So the intensity of the flare is identical, only the quantity of flares that are fired changes. I would say, however, that it does not compensate for the loss of the chafs if the intensity of the flares did not help in evading the missiles

there is different kind of flares, large flares and “small” ones, of course the larger ones are more effective then the smaller ones, might you have mostly flewn with a plane that used large flares recently and switched to small caliber flares now?, in that case small calliber flares would explain as well why u got the problems

I’ve been flying the F16 lately and now I’m back to grinding with the F-4S