Reggiane Re 2001 OR

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Description: The Re2001 OR was the enbarked version of the Re2001. But let’s talk about the history of Re 2001. In 1939, the Italian Ministry of the Air Force proposed to fit the already existing Re2000 fighter with the most powerful German-made DB601 engine (produced under license in Italy under the name Alfa Romeo RA 1000 RC.41). In the summer of 1939, the Ministry asked the Reggiane industries to re-make the project of the aircraft fitted with the new engine. The new project was made by the engineer Roberto Longhi, who in the past had already designed a version of the Re2000 fitted with the Hispano-Suiza 12Y. The first prototype, the MM.449, flew on June 22, 1940, with the pilot Mario De Bernardi, in the airport of Reggio Emilia near the Officine Tecniche Reggiane. The aircraft flew several times with the pilot, Pietro Scapinelli, before being transferred to the Air Base of Guidonia. The prototype from the test result had a better speed compared to the first serial units because it was lighter and had a better-made engine that gave it a max speed of 563 km/h. The production started in 1940, and at the end of the year, a total of 273 units had been made. It was used during all the wars from 1940 to 1945. In 1941, the Organizzazione Roma (OR) was established to develop a new fighter-bomber aircraft for the aircraft carriers Aquila and Sparviero, and the Re2001 was chosen for this role. Under the name of Re 2001 OR," 2001 got several changes and modifications. It was fitted with the Tail Hook for landing on the aircraft carriers, a structure for being launched from catapults, the possibility to mount two Mauser MG 151 on the wings with a total of 60 munitions, and the possibility to carry one 600 kg torpedo, the Silurotto. Different variants of the aircraft were planned, but only a few of them were made since the Armistice of Cassabile in 1943 stopped every single Italian project and plan. In total, in 1943, only 15 units were made out of a total of over 100 planned. Talking about its performance, it was fitted with the Alfa Romeo RA 1000 RC 41, which gives this aircraft a total speed of over 545 km/h with a maximum of 1175 CV. It was equipped with two 12.7 mm Breda Safat machineguns (with 350 rounds each), two 7.7 mm Breda Safat machineguns (with 600 rounds each), and two Mauser MG 151 20 mm cannons (with 60 rounds each) on the wings. Talking about its air-to-ground and surface capability, it was able to equip one 600 kg Silurotto and one 250 kg bomb.

Why it should be in the game: This aircraft can be a very good addition for the naval battles since it can equip a powerful torpedo and it can be also be a very good addition to a possible Italian naval aircraft line.



Crew: 1
Span wings: 11.00 m
Length: 8.36 m
Height: 3.15 m
Wing area: 20.40 m2
Power Plant: 1 Alfa Romeo RA. 1000 R.C. 41 I Monsoon of 876 kw (1190 HP)
Max weight: 3240 kg
Empty weight: 2460 kg.
Max Speed: 545 km/h
Tangency: 11950 m.
Range: 1040 km



2x 7.7 mm Breda Safat Machineguns, 2x 12.7 mm Breda Safat Machineguns, 2x 20 mm Mauser MG 151 cannons
Anti surface/anti ground weapons:
1x Silurotto da 600 kg Torpedo,1x Bomba da 630 kg AP, 1x Bomba da 250 kg Dirompente, 2x Bombe Da 100 KG (With AP and HE variants),1x Bomba da 100 kg Perforante, 2x Bomba da 160 AS kg (on the wings), 1x Bomba da 500 kg and Bomba da 500 S, 2x Bomba da 100 M, 2x Bomba Da 100T, 2x Bomba da 50T.



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With Italy having a navy in game it needs all the naval variants it can get. The G.55S is hidden behind a paywall. This would be an excellent addition to rectify that.


Where did you see the 2x 20mm guns?

can be mounted in the pod under the wings, in the game it is shown in the CN (night fighter) version.

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l love the Reggiane aircraft so one with torpedoes would be very welcome imo +1


As said before, It was able to equip two 20 mm pods under the wings

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Great armament! +1

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yes +1 great research